30mm air rifle scope

A good sight for an air rifle will help to visually bring the target closer and deliver an accurate strike. But since air rifles shoot special bullets and explosive balls, it means that you do not need a super high-tech nor the most powerful sight. What you need is a sight that is specific for pneumatic weapons. Since such a weapon functions quite differently, the scope specs are going to be far from conventional.

Not sure which sight to get for your air rifle? If you are looking for a high-quality device that will easily perform your duties, then this scope is for you. It is waterproof, shockproof, and anti-misting — like most modern scopes. A lens with a diameter of 42 mm gives a good overview so that you can see the target clearly. Its magnification is fixed at 10 x, which is great for air rifles and pistols. This can also be seen by the amount of positive feedback it has from previous buyers.

Next up we have one of the best sights for airguns on the market. It has everything you can dream of. Super reliable, high quality, and with the right settings, making an accurate shot with it is very simple. And the sight is shock-resistant, so it easily withstands rifle recoil. This scope is very rugged, and it will hold up to all forms of external abuse. It is also all-weather compatible. Not only is it waterproof, but it is also fog-resistant and can withstand harsh hot or cold temperatures.

In general, this scope is worth every penny you will spend on it. It is designed for a very high-quality precision shooting as it has the best clarity.

30mm air rifle scope

As one of the best air rifle scopes, this has an amendment input mechanism, so even on a windy day, it will be easy to make an accurate shot. The sight is mounted on a really solid bar so that after installation and adjustment, it always remains in the same position. To ensure this, top-grade mounts are included with this scope.

This scope features a 32 color mil-dot reticle which provides you with a good contrast for precision shooting at any target. And the front lens is protected from glare because the frame is extended to cover it. This is one of the best and most purchased sightswhich you can buy for pneumatics.

Little wonder — it is so effective yet inexpensive. The Bushnell Banner has a magnification of x 4 to x This scope is built in a monotube body and features a 40 mm lens. The entire glassware component of the optics is integrally treated with 16 layers for brightness and clarity. But, what makes this unique is that the coating allows you to use this scope in twilight conditions. This best air rifle scope is nitrogen purged, giving it good resistance to fogging.

And with its strong build, it will also handle moderate shocks with ease. Its Multi-X Reticle is engraved for superior durability and will never fall out of place. It is specially made for very powerful air gunswhich generate strong vibrations, and it will take shots without flinching.

30mm air rifle scope

The Daisy Outdoor Riflescope is offered at a price to quality ratio that is really interesting. This best air rifle scope is inexpensive, but it delivers a brightness far superior to many of its more expensive competitors and a remarkable sharpness of the image. While its design is naturally intended for air rifles, it has many features common to tactical scopes. Its 2 x to 7 x range is great to practice short-range recreational shooting.Do you really need a scope for your air rifles?

Sure pellet guns are not as powerful as their bullet spitting counterparts, but modern ones do pack quite a punch. And the addition of a scope will greatly improve the accuracy of your air rifle. But is there such a thing as the best air rifle scope? Well, the truth is different air rifle scopes have their strengths and weaknesses.

In this article, I will be looking at what makes up a good air rifle scope. Also, I have selected six scopes that I believe deserve the title of the best air gun scope. But first below is a comparison chart showing how different scopes compare. Cabela's Air Rifle Scope.

How to zero an air rifle scope (Tutorial)

Having used both air rifles and traditional rifles for hunting I can tell you that they do not use the same scopes. The last thing you want to do is attach your rifle scope to your air gun. Reason being that attaching a rifle scope to an air gun might result in the scope breaking.

And since I do not want you breaking your precious rifle scope, here is what to look for in an air rifle scope. For instance, best Air rifles under do not have the kind of range of a Winchester hunting rifle or even an AR The max range of most airguns is around yards. Meaning the best scope for air rifle shooting is one with moderate magnification.

A magnification of between 3X and 9X is enough for an air gun. Anything beyond this and you will struggle to keep the crosshairs steady.

How big the objective lens is, determines how bright a scope is. However, a big objective lens does not always translate to a good scope.Air rifles are favorites for shooting competitions around the world, as well as for small game and plinking.

However, their unique double kickback makes air rifles a hazard to even the nicest rifle scope. To make any air rifle work for you, you need to equip it with a proper scope. But what makes it suitable for air rifles? It can be confusing, given how many different calibers are used in air rifles, as well as the sheer variety on the market!

The ideal air gun scope consists of advanced optics combined with rugged, durable parts. Almost all of them claim to be durable, but how do you know which are actually rugged enough to handle an air rifle? Our choices span a range of power and cost. We chose our recommendations for their precision, ease of use, and rugged build quality. Check Price On Amazon. This is a fixed magnification eyepiece, with a Xmm lens set.

It has bright, clear imaging with precise adjustments within its set range. Unlike our other recommendations, this one has a fixed power lens set. While that means it has limited parameters of vision, the fixed lenses reduce the number of moving and delicate parts.

That makes this one more durable than other scopes—an important factor when fitting one to an air rifle.

18 Best Air Rifle Scopes for the Money in 2020

The fixed lenses also make for a much lighter scope overall. Adjustable options from the same brand add a good oz. Plus, this one is designed to be especially compact, long and thin. For such an inexpensive scope, it has the same basic build quality specs as models costing twice as much!

The canister is made from aluminum and completely sealed with O-rings. The interior is filled with nitrogen for fog, water, and shock-proofing. The lenses are also well-built, with sapphire coatings on the outside surfaces. The reticle is especially impressive, with mil-dot markings and coordination with tactical turrets. There are two basic adjustment turrets, for windage and elevation.Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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From hunting in a heavily wooded area or for long range shooting or shooting at pests when the lights are low; choosing the right and best air rifle scope can mean the difference between hitting your object and just shooting at air. Shooting with an air rifle requires a precise-shot placement.

Air rifle scope with an excellent magnification and a wider field of view makes it easier to spot your target. As the objective of the scope becomes larger, it increases light intake which enhances the brightness resulting in pin-point accuracy. Unlike a conventional firearm, which has unidirectional recoil, using a higher-powered air rifle creates a double recoil i. The importance of choosing the right scope for your air rifle cannot be stressed enough.

Depending on the type of shooting you want to do, if it is small game hunting go with a fixed scope, for larger varmints go with a variable scope. Make sure the scope is built stronger and designed to cope with the recoil.

The best air rifle scope assures you that your target is never missed. The best fact about this scope is that it has been developed by the experts who were looking for a way to improve their accuracy. Nowadays, it is used by professionals from all parts of the world. The tube of this scope is filled with nitrogen and it is sealed. This also means that it is fog and rain proof.

The magnification can be chosen between 3 and 12 times. The most important part of the scope are the lenses. They are coated with emerald and they have protection caps. The caps can be easily flipped over with the switch mechanism. Side Wheel Adjustable Turret is a standard component and it allows you to adjust the scope in a matter of seconds. In addition, a bigger wheel is available as an option and it allows more precise adjustments.

It can be used in all weather conditions, due to the fact it has a black, matte finish and integrated sunshades. This product is constantly treated as the best air rifle scope on the market. It is easy to understand why, if you know that it comes with the latest features. The lenses are coated with emerald and they offer the best light transmission.

The Parallax-free View is adjustable from 3 yards to infinity and the adjustment process is quick and simple. Keep in mind that this scope is resistant to fog, rain and shocks. Even better, the lighted reticle makes it perfect when it comes to dark targets.Premium lockable and resettable turrets allow for the most consistency and precision capability for maintaining a proper zero. TS has been at the heart of every genuine Leapers scope for more than a decade and has been fully tested on scope-killer airguns and elephant rifles with extreme recoil.

Most Demanding Tests We perform our testing based on actual users' input. We gather usage intelligence from all deployment aspects, carefully analyze their impacts and develop appropriate test parameters to ensure optimal performance under all conditions. Premium Lockable and Resettable Turrets Well-designed and constructed target turrets allow for crisp, consistent and precise windage and elevation adjustments.

Its locking and re-setting features protect and complement one of the most critical parts in the optic for proper zeroing. The side wheel design provides a user-friendly, easy and quick access type of adjustment. Optional Big Wheel of various sizes can be purchased to get even finer adjustment. Parallax Free View from 10 Yards to Infinity Uncommon throughout the market, this particular scope series achieves an impressive and unparalleled parallax free view from as close in as 10 yards out to infinity with its SWAT AO.

With this IE technology, you can handle any environment under any weather conditions. Customer testimonials also tell us that the IE technology is a God-sent for color blind shooters to be able to find a color workable to their eye sight. Low profile control console with 2 finger-friendly soft buttons sits on top of the ocular tube for illumination management. Today, the mil-dot reticle is widely accepted and used in this industry.

Leveraging our years of experience in this area, UTG developed and refined the unique Tactical Range Estimating TRE mil-dot reticle and offers this feature in almost all of our optics. With some patient learning and practice using our TRE, shooters can enhance accuracy and performance in ways not imagined before.

Regular mil-dot reticles found on the market usually have 4 dots in each direction of the cross hair, giving you 9 different aiming points for either windage or elevation. If you count the 2 inner tips of the opposite duplex cross hairs, you get 11 aiming points.

Accessories UTG aims to provide application and solution oriented products, including useful and most commonly sough-after accessories. In addition to the flip-open lens caps, a pair of medium profile Max Strength heavy duty rings are included.The world of airguns is growing steadily every year and for good reason.

Air rifles and pellet guns can offer distinct advantages over traditional firearms and for some shooters may even replace firearms altogether.

6 Best Air Rifle Scopes : Reviews Of The Best Pellet Gun Scopes

After going through this review, you might also want to check out my favorite PCP air rifles and pellet guns. This section is for those of you who want to learn more about air rifle scopes before jumping into reviews! If you already know all about air rifle scopes, feel free to use the quick navigation menu above or simply keep scrolling to skip straight to the reviews. While there are many advantages to picking features on a scope that are related to airguns, the terminology airgun rated means that the scope is structurally able to withstand a phenomenon called bi-directional recoil.

When a spring-piston airgun is fired, the compressed mainspring releases its energy causing a typical recoil into the shoulder.

However, this also causes the piston to shoot forward and slam into the end of the compression tube where the transfer port is located. The piston has a seal which acts like a plunger and forces the air out of the compression tube launching the pellet out of the barrel, while also causing a forward recoil.

30mm air rifle scope

The whole firing process is actually quite violent and can easily destroy scopes of any quality that are not built for this type of recoil. We have to remember that airguns are a fairly new niche within the American sporting market and even high-end scope makers can neglect spring-piston shooters. The quickest and most sure-fire way to tell is to look through the objective part of the scope the large end and try to see if there is a large diameter coil spring within the scope tube.

Typically, this spring is located within the first couple of inches behind the objective lens and is fairly obvious once you know how to look for it. The coil spring acts as a sort of shock absorber similar to shocks on a car or truck and negates the harm of bi-directional recoil. Another feature that is important to airguns of every power plant is the ability to adjust parallax.

An experiment to illustrate this error is to take scope without parallax adjustment and slightly bob your head while looking through the scope this needs to be done on sandbags or a bipod and if the target is not within the scopes parallax range the reticle will appear to move or bend.

On typical firearms hunting scopes the parallax range is fixed at yards and anything outside of this range will cause reticle distortion and perhaps a misplaced shot.

Greater reticle distortion occurs at closer ranges yards and below and can cause issues with airgun shot placement as the ranges are often below 50 yards and targets are smaller allowing for a smaller margin of error.

Parallax adjustable scopes adjust out this optical error and allow for much more precise shot placement. Scopes with adjustable parallax have two common methods of adjustment depending on the scope in question. The adjustable bell will also have a range of numbers indicating different distances in which the scope should be parallax free and you can simply turn the bell to the desired range. However, these ranges are not always accurate, and some shooters will wrap a small piece of tape around the bell and write in the accurate markings for each yardage.

When in doubt, turn the objective until both the reticle and target become crystal clear at which point the scope should be parallax free.