Appsheet user settings

I would like, to change the start view, depending on if user logs in for the first time. Is there any other way to do this?

appsheet user settings

You can provide a simple functionality with use of UserSettings which is user device specific feature where you can enforce the user to accept i. Then you know if the user is logging for the first time or not. Please see this:. Thanks for respond. Last try was to start app with Dell 1130 replacement view, and then give the user the option of selecting a startscreen from an enum list.

The problem is that it seems that the setting is not stored or the app cannot find the chossen view. Still working on it to find a resolution. Any ideas? When the app opens with UserSettings and the user does something not important what it is and save the settings, it does not go to the view that you already set it to. However, if you re-open the settings and just save without changing anything, it now works. This is a glitch or bug and lately morgan said that they are working on it.

After first save, forced sync goes to blank screen only with menus, going again in settings and simply save as you suggest, same result. Please contact support appsheet. Steve morgan is aware of this UserSettings glitch for about 1 month now. May be he can react faster. Built in Seattle, WA Copyright How to count the times a user logs in? LeventK Levent Kulacoglu January 25,pm 2.

LeventK Levent Kulacoglu January 26,am 4. Steve Steve Coile January 26,pm 7. LeventK Levent Kulacoglu January 26,pm 8. Company About Blog Careers. Platform Architecture Data Sources Enterprise. Support Documentation Webinars Contact Partners.User settings lets you create personalized experiences in your apps by allowing the app users to select options that can populate the rest of the app.

For example. You can create a setting for Store Number and a security filter that only lets matching store information be displayed on a table view. Actions are mini-tasks that can modify data in your app or take you to another location or app. He is a relentless customer advocate. He loves building partnerships and driving customer adoption.

New Features of the Week - March Back to Blog Listing. Santiago Uribe. Action Sequences: Actions are mini-tasks that can modify data in your app or take you to another location or app. See you in the community! Post Comment. You'll love the new features we're launching, and your app users will love them even more! The engineering team has been busy updating the AppSheet platform with new features for December. Feature Friday: Greatest Hits Edition. Welcome to a new feature update!

The team has been working hard on new features for apps and App Editor.

appsheet user settings

We'll share one new feature announcement and a couple of recent releases, which are f Feature Friday: More Data? No Problem! This week's Feature Friday showcases two updates from this week and two recent features that app creators are happily implementing in their apps.

The first announcement is our integration wi Company About Blog Careers Contact us. Platform Architecture DataSources Enterprise.

Pricing Terms of use Privacy policy Contact sales. Solutions Sample apps Resources Industries Customers. Partners Find a partner Become a partner.

Support Community Documentation Contact Us. Account My apps My Account Logout. Built in Seattle, WA Copyright I wish to make it possible to select user settings as one of element to show within dashboard view. I do have user tables for my various app to control user level settings but honestly it is not ideal.

I posted several feature requests to introduce new feature to let the app creator easily access to app user white list. Enough is enough. I ve requested to create a sort of virtual table within app where the virtual column do have a white listed user emails automatically as well as user role. Likewise other normal table, user can add virtual column to add custom flags to this virtual user table.

This will avoid duplicate job as we make sure table always have the valid list of users. I always forget to refresh the user table when I add or change the white list… Thai causes another issue. User need to go to menu and hit setting and change setting. Then sync. If we can place the setting as one of element of dashboard then this user just change something on user setting from dashboard and App starts to sync to refresh views. Easy and can make sure all the views within dashboard is displaying the latest date based on user settings.

Change one of value in the user setting, then app will not sync. The view might showing sill not affecting such a user setting changes.

I think it could be easy fix to show user setting to dashboard, and this will be found useful by many users as well to give a single user level experience over the dashboard. So even if there was a quick way of changing something, the app still needs to re-sync again to gather all the right info. It is case by case. But the background reason of my feature request here is I need to let the app to re-sync to refresh the entire view.

For some cases, I wish to let the users to control usersetting from the dashboard.

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Currently it is not an option for us to place usersettting i would say usersetting view is kinds of form view for now.Hey everyone! I created a new tool that creates fancy SVG based indicators that dynamically update based on an assigned percent complete column in your app.

SVG stands for Scaleable Vector Graphics and these file types are special in that they are infinitely scaleable.

Instead of being made of pixels like a regular image type, they are made from vectors, rays, circles, paths, etc so you can make the image as large or small as you need and the device will render these graphics on the fly in real-time without any quality loss. Because SVG graphics are rendered in real-time we can create indicators that update dynamically as the value of another column changes.

Below are just a few examples:. Change the colors of the indicator based on your preferences you need to use hex codes, click the pallet icon above this section to open up htmlcolorcodes. You can adjust the progress color, background color and the text color.

There are many more opportunities with this idea. I would love to see if anyone from the community can take this idea and make it even better. Please copy!

Cool tool! A simple thumbnail could be:. Which would render as:. You could also get creative to create more rich dynamic thumbnails, such as highway placards:. AppSheets format rules are applied upon initiating the form view - they DO NOT recalculate upon changing values in a form until after the form is saved.

Currently, the text will change, but the format rules which dictate its color will not. Another example is highlighting portions of serialized text as users input it:. This is an awesome helpful tool. Thank you very much Rich Here are some Ideas:. There was a massive thread in which Jonathon and Fabian really went back and forth on this, they even started a community based app with another member.

This is how I learned about it…. Has appsheet fixed that, and SVG is better supported now?Welcome to a new feature update! The team has been working hard on new features for apps and App Editor.

We'll share one new feature announcement and a couple of recent releases, which are favorites of the team and have been used in thousands of apps so far. Quick Save New! Call us overzealous, but when you are making a mobile app, it's important to check that all associated tables and files are consistent. If the columns in your spreadsheet change, but the column structure in the app hasn't yet, then you want AppSheet to verify the data and see if all parts are consistent.

And that's what we do every time. But this also means the time it takes to save is longer when you have larger apps even if you didn't make any changes to your data. We updated the Save button to give you two options. User Settings were introduced in March of this year. Till now, over apps have implemented User Settings to deliver personalized experiences to users.

Here's what we wrote about it then :. User Settings lets you create personalized experiences in your apps by allowing the app users to select options that can populate the rest of the app. For example, you can create a setting for store number and a security filter that only lets matching store information be displayed on a table view.

Did you know that you can apply actions to multiple items in Table view or Deck view? Quickly run Actions on many records at once, including deleting records. A few weeks ago we announced Actions, which make it easy to modify records from the Slideshow view. Actions can now also be used in the Table, Deck, and Gallery views by selecting one or more rows, and running the action on all rows at once.

In addition to actions you create, delete is also an option on tables that allow deletes. He is a relentless customer advocate. He loves building partnerships and driving customer adoption. Feature Friday: Greatest Hits Edition. Back to Blog Listing. Santiago Uribe. Continue reading below!

User Settings User Settings were introduced in March of this year. See you next week!Yes as far as my experience is concerned. When we clear cache, user setting is get back to default. Not only user setting. For instance after we set the dashboard layout to be customized, relocate viewsit will be lost when we clear cache. As Koichi says, user settings get stored on the client either in device or browser local storage.

When you close your browser or app and then re-open it, the setting values should stick around. However, if you actually log out, they get cleared. I spoke with Adam about this and he looked in the front end code. My understanding was wrong, it appears!

Thanks for the clarification, hugheshilton! I was surprised by this as well. The behavior is to clear all of the table data when logging out. The rationale was that you would need to be online to log back in, so at that point you could also just sync the latest data. Hi Adam, hope all is well. Can you send a note on this one?

appsheet user settings

I have a client inquiring about this again. A million thanks. Built in Seattle, WA Copyright Steve Steve Coile February 24,pm 2. This is my understanding, yes. Obviously usersetting of appsheet is happening on client side rather than backend. Steve Steve Coile February 25,pm 5. Adam February 25,pm 6.For about two weeks my app, when fully closed on mobile, starts with usersettings cleared.

I go to settings, save, and resync. My settings are set, close app and settings are not recorded in the app but filled by my login email. I too have been having issues with the usersettings not propegating though the app on the first sync, people have reported that they must sync twice in order for them to take hold.

Can you clarify what you meant by this? Click save and the values persist until AppSheet is closed and opened. When the app is opened, the values of usersettings are not available until settings is saved. I see, and is it security filters where those missing values are having an effect? Hello, I report the same problem. The app is very similar to Driver Jobs sample app, so users can select their name in usersettings and some slices filter data according to selected user name.

Some users report they lost usersettings when they closed the app and re-started again. Thanks for your help. At this point, probably best to contact support appsheet. That will keep the matter on the radar better. Quick update: I think adam resolved this bug with initial value in the user settings yesterday.

I open the app for the first time and my lower menu shows buttons via a usersettings constraint. I wait for 30 seconds and the menu updates with my correct constraints from usersettings.

Does your app sync at start-up? It does not sync at startup. That may be the procedure, but this is different behavior from before, where the usersetttings expressions were evaluated at app open. I would like the behavior as before, were the values are evaluated on app open.

Built in Seattle, WA Copyright UserSettings not Saving Questions. But for the past two weeks people have been reporting this issue to me as well. Adam August 28,pm 3. Adam August 29,pm 5. Progress towards this, development team? A bit frustrating for my users.