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I have simply taken his results and rearranged it in a different format I believe is more readable. The link above goes to the original reddit post with his data. The tables show the base chance for the target enhancement level, how the chance increases per fail stack and the chance at soft cap and hard cap with the number of fail stacks needed for that in the parathesis.

For more details on enhancing you can read my Black Desert Online enhancement guide. For Pri and above there is no durability vs enhancement option. Again it is interesting to see that the numbers are virtually the same as for boss armor.

These are all the items I have for now. In time I hope to have tables for every type of enhance-able item in Black Desert Online.

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Yellow Grade Item Enhancement Charts Enhancement Chance of Boss Armor Table shows the base chance for the target enhancement level, how the chance increases per failstack and the chance at softcap and hardcap. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

BDO Black Desert Online Cron Stones Guide

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bdo pen heve

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These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Necessary. Non-necessary Non-necessary.This is purely a gear progression guide. So crystals will be excluded from this. You do not have to follow this guide verbatim, but this is just to give you a general direction of where to go with for your gear.

Your first goal is to make sure you get a rosar, yuria, or elsh axe, as you will be using that until you are at the point to where you can get and start upgrading boss gear.

The reason why the armor setup is the way it is is for the set bonuses. Essentially you want to either go full grunil or full heve. Everything else is pretty straight forward. In this case, everything is the same from the last build. Only thing you need to focus on at this point is to get all of your armor and weapons to atleast duo.

At this point, for the extra sheet stats you have the option to turn your gear into yellow quality via Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone and Ultimate Armor Reform Stone.

bdo pen heve

ANY AP only blue accessories will work. If you do not want to do this, then just try to make another duo blue. Do NOT try to TET any of your weapons or armor, as it is a waste of resources and will be swapped out very soon anyway. With full TRI, your next goal is to try and get your hand on any kind of bossgear possible with the exception of a few which will be covered in a moment. With the huge accuracy increase, this will be your biggest powerboost.

The only boss gear you should NOT be aiming for is muskans, leebur, and rednose. Muskans and leebur because those are evasion based boss armors, and zerk having the lowest base evasion in the game, those will be utterly useless on him. Rednose because it literally costs the same as dim tree armor, but has no HP bonus. Now that you have your TRI kzarka, your next focus will be getting a dandelion iron buster and working towards getting the rest of your bossgear. You will want to go for what ever you can get your hands on while keeping in mind what was stated in the last build example.

The following few builds will be displaying that. Just go with whatever you get first for now. So that could have been quite a bit of silver you just saved by hitting it. So by now you will want to start working on getting better accessories making them TRIand if you have the silver, buy or enchant a nouver. For accessories you just want to go with the cheapest upgrade and work your way up.

By the end, you should have full TRI blue accessoires. The worst thing you can do at this point is roulette your gear. The remaining build examples will be showing the progression that was described. Also something to point out, you can either go for a laytenn or an ogre. They both have the same stats.A Caphras stone is an item that allows players to both improve their gear above that of the regular tiers and also offer a safe way to enhance their gear.

Caphras stones are also valuable with their central market price floating around 2 million silver for a single stone. When you get a Caphras stone you can install it into a piece of weapon or armor you have that has reached TRI or above enhancement level.

Each Caphras stone integrated into a weapon or armor will give it a certain amount of experience. When enough stones have been install to a piece of gear it will gain a level.

Black Desert BDO Gear Progression Guide

Each piece of gear can have at most 20 Caphras levels. This will, however, reduce the durability of the item down to 0 and return the items Caphras level to 0 as well. The amount of Caphras stones needed to increase from level 1 to 20 varies with the type and rarity of the item. Caphras stones can also be made by processing together 5 ancient spirit dust found in the same manner as the stones and a single black stone with simple alchemy.

To insert a Caphras stone into your weapon or armor you first need to access the enhancement window with the black spirit. In there you need to click the Caphras tab at the top of the window.

Next, you place the weapon or armor piece you intend to enhance in the right window. You then get information about the number of stones you need to use to enhance your gear to the next level. Now, as you can see, you can use less than the required amount of Caphras stones to level up. But then you only get a percentage value to the next level. Because of this, it is usually better to collect the stones until you have enough to enhance directly to the next level.

Now this bit here is important. You can, of course, enhance items that have Caphras stones installed. With this in mind, I usually recommend that players extract the Caphras stones from a piece of gear they are attempting to enhance. You can see from the gear information screen if a piece of gear has any Caphras levels. You can extract Caphras stones which you have already placed in a piece of gear.

BDO - Selling PEN Heve Helmet for TET Griffon Helmet - TET Kzarka Battle Axe

To do that you need to visit a blacksmith and open the extract window. Extracting Caphras stones does not affect the enhancement level of your gear, but you do lose the added bonus from the stones. First, take the number of stones needed and multiply it with the current value on the marketplace.

When this is written the buyout price is about 2 million for a single stone. This means that the Caphras stone cost is 2. Next, calculate the cost of memory fragments in the same way. When this is written the price is about 1.A popular strategy used by players enhancing endgame gear is deliberately downgrading armor to build stacks for more important components, such as weapons.

Today we will examine the soundness of this strategy from a financial point of view. Tree diagrams allow us to examine possible outcomes based on the odds, and make inferences based on them.

Next we need to figure out the multiple variables we need to complete the equations. The cost of 30 failstacks and 40 failstacks can be worked out using combinatorics. The numbers are self-explanatory. The values used in the market prices of various Grunil pieces are before tax, so they slightly understate the cost of building stacks using the high enhance armor fail method. Feel free to play around with them by substituting different armor costs and come up with your own conclusions.

In order to prevent the market from being ruined more than it is already, I have no intention of releasing the specifics of this strategy at this point in time. Two primary concerns brought up for the previous article was the cost of materials and the value of Yuria as a cheaper substitute.

I redid the maths on Liverto with 1. As you can see, these new numbers are extremely unrealistic and biased. I strongly recommend not following the above values because obviously they underestimate the cost of memory fragments significantly. If you still believe at equal enhancement Yuria is better than Liverto, you are in denial. However the assertion that Yuria is cheaper to enhance hence better is one worth investigating.

Increased gain of failstacks on fail, delevel, etc, are all accounted for. This is pretty obvious because it dwarfs the repair cost regardless of what weapon you choose to enhance.

Hopefully this clears up a few queries about the Liverto upgrade guide. To reach me, you can contact me through PM. When a new player starts the game, I always tell them to skip Yuria and go straight to Liverto.Top Development Courses. Top Office Productivity Courses. Top Personal Development Courses. Top Design Courses. Top Marketing Courses. Top Lifestyle Courses.

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You can find the free courses in many fields through Coursef. Generally, any accredited degree offered by an institution of higher education certified as such within in a major country will be recognized as a valid degree.Their hefty price of 2 million silver makes it clear that the premium items, but what exactly are they for? They are used to prevent Enhancement failure, which saves the durability of items and, in the case of accessories, prevents them from being destroyed.

To best understand their use, you need to be well informed about the Enhancement process. You can access the Enhancement UI whenever and wherever you want, once it has been unlocked.

As long as you have the required materials, you can upgrade your items at will. The process is relatively simple. This rule applies to armor from levels 1 to 5. If you choose not to do so, the penalties for failure include reduced durability each time, or destruction of the item if it is an accessory. On the other hand, failure increases your chances of enhancement on subsequent attempts.

Durability damage can be repaired at the blacksmith, so you can fix your item and try again with better odds. With the change in ranking comes a change in rules regarding failure for weapons and armor. Once an item is PRI, a failed enhancement attempt results in the overall enhancement level being reduced by one. In the case of accessories, they will still be destroyed as before, though they are not exempt from the level drop on failure.

More on that later. This is where Cron Stones becomes useful. You can use them to prevent Enhancement failure but only for items DUO or above. When you attempt to enhance one of these items, you can choose the Safe Enhance selection in the UI.

This will pull from your available Cron Stones to protect the thing in case of failure. While this means there is no negative consequence for failure with weapons and armor, accessories behave differently. The number of Cron Stones needed varies depending on the Market Value of the item being enhanced. So, if your item has a market value of million, divide that by 2 million.

In that example, you will need Cron Stones. Another important aspect of using Cron Stones is that, while they protect items on failure, they also prevent the success rate from increasing failure.

This means that you will have the same chance of failure the next time you try. Also, whether you succeed or fail, your Cron will be used up. This means that if the item you are attempting to upgrade is combined with a Caphras Stone, the Caphras level can be increased by the use of Cron stones. You already know that you can purchase these Stones from the blacksmith.

BDO Black Desert Online Cron Stones Guide

Yet 2 million silver apiece is hardly a bargain. Thankfully there are other ways to attain them. One way is via Dark Rift bosses. When defeated, Rift bosses drop treasure boxes according to their level.Grunil Armor is the most popular piece of armor in Black Desert Online due to its versatility.

As such there is always demand for the armor, either from someone who has just started playing or someone that needs armor to repair lost durability after failed enhancing. In this guide I will go over how to gather the required materials, where to set up shop and how to optimize the process of producing the Grunil armor set.

The Grunil armor set from the marketplace. As you can see there are not many available for sale. Each piece of Grunil armor needs the following materials in different quantities depending on the type of armor:. To get these materials you either need to gather them by yourself, have your workers gather them from nodes, or buy them from the market.

If you intend to produce armor for profit, then buying the raw materials is not an effective way as that will most likely lose you money. You should also consider spending a few dollars on buying a maid's outfit since it allows you to work from your storage directly, reducing the time spent on micro managing materials in your inventory.

The raw materials needed for brass ingots are copper ore and zinc ore. The first step is to process the copper and zinc ore into copper and zinc melted shards by heating them. Those shards are then combined by heating them together into brass ingots.

You need 5 ore to create 1—4 shards 2. This means that you should get on average 25 bronze ingots for every copper and zinc ore which you process. There are several copper nodes throughout the map that you can invest contribution points in and have workers gather copper ore for you. As they are so plentiful and a few are even located in the Belanos territory you should have already found some by now.

You can also get copper from mining Andenite, Granite, and Sandstone rocks to name a few. There are only three zinc nodes available where you can have your workers gather zinc ore for you and they are all located in the Mediah territory. What's special about the zinc nodes is that workers can also get platinum from them. You can see the locations of the zinc nodes in the image below, but you can also get zinc ore from mining Andenite, Bloodstone and Sandstone rocks which are spread throughout the map.

Here are the locations of the three zinc nodes in Mediah. The raw material from Fine Tough Hide is hide from oxes cow hideboars pig hiderhinos or elephants.

bdo pen heve

To get some hide you need to kill and then skin those animals with a skinning knife.