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BeadCreator is a software package for beaders who want to design their own patterns either for personal or commercial use. I create beading patterns on a regular basis for my Etsy shop and usually, I use BeadTool for my designs.

I came across BeadCreator and thought it looked really good. So, I decided to reach out to the team there and ask if I could test out the software for free in exchange for a review here on Craftaholique, and they kindly agreed! When using BeadCreator Pro 6 for the first time, I had to register my copy of the software by entering a serial number and a unique PC identifier code when prompted.

Along with the link to download BeadCreator, I was sent several training videos to watch. I found these very helpful; they explained everything that I had questions about, including installing the software! The installation video is well worth watching before opening up BeadCreator, as it includes detailed instructions on how to register the software — an important step that if missed, will cause problems later down the line.

But there are some handy features that give BeadCreator an edge here. I know this because BeadCreator helpfully highlights how much the beads might cost when making the pattern.

I reduced the number of colours down to just 58 and I was able to reduce the potential cost of beads without affecting the quality of the pattern too much. See the green text at the bottom of the above screenshot? Some colours picked up might mean that very few beads are needed for a particular colour. There are several tools available to help with creating a pattern from scratch.

There, I was able to set the size I wanted, along with a colour palette just like before. There is a line drawing tool too. The undo button comes in handy here — it reverses up to 99 steps just in case there are a lot of mistakes! Then, I was able to add a fringe to the top and the bottom if I wanted to. The fringe option has two types of formats available, brick stitch and loom stitch. I think this is such a great feature. I think I will have to have a play around with it to get all the different elements to fit as they should.

The increased cost of the Pro Plus version is down to the stock image library which includes a whopping 20, copyright free images to use for pattern designing.

Apart from that, the standard Pro version does everything that the Pro Plus version does. So, is this beading software worth the money? One thing I have noticed is that the customer support seems to be very good! All opinions are my own. Sounds like a good investment for a serious or semi serious beader. I had some cross stitch way back int he day which was similar but no where near as advanced and I remember it being really helpful.

So I purchased beadcreator and tried to call the company…phone number does not work…no download…do you have any information I could use to contact them? There were no tutorial videos on how to download or use the program. Can anyone help? Hi, have you tried going through their support desk Zendesk?Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder 2. Balmsoft Wizard for. NET allows easily create your own Wizard s that conforms with " Wizard 97 specification". Just few clicks and all pages with all default controls with right size and fonts in place.

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Recent Questions 16 August Q. Most of you have downloaded Acrobat Reader which lets you view PDF files, either by itself or as a feature of your web browser. Go to Adobe Acrobat Downloads if you don't have it.

To create PDF files, you need to install a program that in some ways will act like a printer. A less expensive alternative and there are probably others is pdfFactory from Fine Print Softwarewhich offers a free trial download of the product.

It comes as a part of some versions of PhotoDeluxe, their lightweight program that often comes with scanners. If in your printer selections you see "Acrobat PDFWriter" and wonder what that is and where it came from, now you know.

With any of these products, you "print" your pattern to make the PDF file by selecting program's PDF option in your printers, then giving a file name and selecting save. PDF files are easily shared, and aren't a lot bigger than the BeadWizard files - and are much smaller than the bmp files that BeadWizard can create.

They can be opened and edited in some graphics programs, such as CorelDraw. How big a pattern can I make? Using Delicas in peyote stitch, that works out to across by high. So what's new with version 1.

Some people already have some of the bug fixes and new features.

Bead Buddy Bead Wizard 2™ Plastic Card

This update is to bring all BeadWizard users up to the same version. Print imported image - if you want the picture behind the bead gridjust print while the picture is displayed.

This answers the question, "Did I save this before trying something drastic? You can also double-click the. This just makes sure BW works like all other Windows programs. Invert Selection New for all users - this lets you "flip-flop" the selection state of the whole pattern. Say you've created a pretty flower on an otherwise blank pattern and you want to make copies of just the flower without any nearby blank beads so you can overlap them? But it's tough selecting all those beads individually.

One tip - be sure to color in with White those beads you want to be white, don't just leave them uncolored.Inspire yourself with these free beading patterns you can download today! The Interweave team has developed an amazing variety of free resources for those who love all things bead — from the best bead making guides to in-depth tutorials on how to take your upcoming beading project to the next level with unique new bead stitches. You can peruse through these free beading eBooks to get inspired on all-new projects or use them as a way to advance your crafting skills so that you can create one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art that you can market and sell at art shows and craft fairs.

Learning how to bead is easier than you think especially with the help of these step-by-step beading projects for beginners.

Learn about must-know, beaded jewelry-making techniques, beading stitches, how to start a jewelry business and more! This vast selection of beading projects includes everything you could dream of!

These patterns will help you get started and hone peyote stitch, right-angle weaving, brick stitch, chevron stitch, herringbone stitch and so much more! Master kumihimo with beads and get free downloads that allow you to create complicated works of beaded art using new and time-honored bead stitching techniques.

Get your free downloads by entering your email address in the form above. Sign up to get plus free beading patterns delivered straight to your e-mail box. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Most Popular Beading Collections Back to Top The following free beading patterns are the most popularly downloaded by users! Getting Started and Beading for Beginners Back to Top Learning how to bead is easier than you think especially with the help of these step-by-step beading projects for beginners.

Free Instructions for Handmade Beaded Earrings. Continue with Google.Although we'd prefer you to ask your question s publicly through our patternWizard Community area so it can benefit others, feel free to ask in the box below if you prefer.

beading wizard

Note: You must be logged in to send suggestions. So here's your chance to give us some suggestions of how we can improve the freePatternWizard! The program is constantly being updated and we still have a zillion well, closer to a hundred features to add.

If you'd love to see some new things added, please let us know by filling in your suggestions in the box below and clicking on the 'Send Suggestion' button.

We offer this program for your entertainment and plan on always keeping it free! And thanks for your suggestions. My Default Settings for the freePatternWizard. Tired of constantly choosing the same settings over and over when creating patterns? Want to choose a particular stitch category as a default? Or other settings? This tool lets you do just that. You can select one or more settings and the patternWizard will remember your preferences. All items are optional. To save your settings, click on the "Save My Settings" button.

beading wizard

These settings will automatically be loaded each time you run the patternWizard. You can also override these settings anytime by simply clicking on a different option when you run the patternWizard. This tool allows you to fine-tune certain behaviors of the freePatternWizard program. As time goes on we'll allow you to make some changes on how the program handles certain things like screen layout, ability to hide things, set some output options, etc.

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beading wizard

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Must enter code in cart to receive discount. Pin this product on Pinterest. Share this product on Facebook. Share this product on Twitter. Add to Cart. A quick and handy reference for all your beading project queries, this little Bead Wizard 2 card is a wonderful addition to your craft supplies.

It helps you compare bead sizes and offers a conversion chart for wire gauges.

150+ Free Beading Patterns

Shaped liked a credit card, it is easy to carry with you anywhere you go. Details: 1 reference card Can easily carry in wallet or back pocket.Software for bead design patterns is a wonderful assistant for a needlewoman.

You may create your own patterns and transform your favorite photos and pictures into the patterns for bead embroidery or machine bead weaving.

You may choose the bead palette, bead shape, and color. Many programs support various stitching techniques for bead embroidery.

beading wizard

Furthermore, we are going to describe some popular Software used for bead design patterns. It's a wonderful program for embroidery and bead weaving. Entry Level is very simple and has an interface that is easy to understand, even for beginners.

You may import your image into the program and transform it into a pattern for embroidery and bead weaving. The instruments for pattern editing are quite limited. Professional level will suit experienced needlewomen. You may choose the technique of weaving or bead embroidery. You may also manage the palettes of the bead colors, edit, and mark out certain beads and colors, as well as create your own bead stocks. At the same time, the program understands that your stock of beads need to be used first.

You may export the created patterns into a few formats. You may create bead patterns for sales, make brochures, and books with patterns. Professional Plus level of the program contains a whole set of functions for the Professional version, and includes a vast source of pictures from great artists, transformed into the patterns for beads.

You will be able to create a tapestry or a picture from beads at any difficulty. This program may be also used for commercial purposes such as pattern generation and their sale. You will be able to import any image and transform it into a pattern. You can also edit a pattern or create your own pattern from the beginning to the end. In the program, you may choose stitches for bead embroidery and even the bead palette.

The program is meant for the creation of your own patterns. You choose the size of the work and set the bead size. When you choose the color needed, you color the squares on the net. The color palette is enormous and approximate to the real colors used by bead producers. When the pattern is created, it can be converted into a graphic file or printed out. This program is an addition to The Bead Pattern Designer.

Beaded ball with seed beads - peyote stitch

It lets a user import any graphic files and convert them into patterns for work with beads. You may completely substitute one color for another or delete a certain color. The patterns created by this program may be printed out or converted into a graphic image. This is a wonderful free program. By using this program, you can create crocheted plait designs from beads.