Bimmercode cracked

Quick links. Bimmercode App experience? Once the car cools off, I plan to change the fuel level to the max, 2. I'd read about it on the BMW i3 Facebook page but have not been able to find the instructions. Regardless, I figured to give it hack and was wondering if anyone has experience with using this app to increase the tank size?

Uncoded, BMW Connected shows 65 miles in the tank. I'll take another photo of the tank level before coding. Remove tank limit - set but not yet tested. I expected the indicated gas range to change but it still shows the original values.

I've reported it to the developer. Tomorrow, I will do a range test and find out if it worked. Nothing remarkable about the OBD interface and App operation. They simply work without complication. I didn't see the effects of the DVDInmotion settings, a puzzle but it continued to work without a problem. My goal is the extra 0. My reading suggests the gas range requires another code value BUT I am more interested in having the gas than the indicated range.

So far, no complaints beyond the indicated gas range. Thanks, Bob Wilson. Re: Bimmercode App experience?


Sun Aug 06, am The 2. I ran the tank dry and could only pump 2. The trank level and remaining miles is not there, yet. I've tried to contact the developer but not had any luck.

I'll post an update after we get a chance to chat and figure out what is going on. Not giving up, Bob Wilson. Sun Aug 06, am bwilson4web wrote: The 2. Sun Aug 06, am alohart wrote: bwilson4web wrote: The 2. Sun Aug 06, pm bwilson4web wrote: I was going to revisit a gas station and try to put a bit more in on the hypothesis the any angle of pavement by the pump might have supported an 'air bubble' in the tank.

bimmercode cracked

Now I'm thinking about repeating the benchmark test and seeing if I get 2. I want to compare my software version to theirs. Sun Aug 06, pm Not to worry about over filling. I'm a 'two click' guy who does not pull the nozzle partially out to see gas.

I fully appreciate the risk to carbon canister so the second click is enough. These values are apparently multiples of 0. A i3 REx owner replied the factory setting was 11 hex. Maybe BMW is being cautious by leaving another 0. Maybe a REx tank makes available only 8. Mon Aug 07, pm My personal best for a refueling is 2.Remember Me? I have been using Carly since it came out and was known by other names.

Looking over a post yesterday someone mentioned BimmerCode. I remember downloading this at some point but then uninstalling it and kept Carly.

Does anyone use BimmerCode and prefer it to Carly? Can BimmerCode work with the Carly adapter? The app suggests a Vgate iCar2 adapter which can be had for 20 down from 80 on Amazon but is that particular one required? Which app has more coding capabilities? Customer support difference between the two? At a glance it looks like BimmerCode might work out cheaper for things such as battery reset etc. Well there is a separate app by the same developer.

Appreciate 0. Originally Posted by 37psi. Appreciate 1. I've got Carly with a Carly adapter. The adapter is wifi based. There is no expert mode in Carly, you are strictly limited to the options it gives you. As for the in-app purchases, I'm not entirely a fan of these, especially given how expensive the app is in the first place.

However I've never encountered a problem.

bimmercode cracked

Updates adding more support for the newest cars seem to come quickly. Just got myself Bimmercode yesterday and initial thoughts are it's very good, easy to use and reversible if a code doesn't take or the car doesn't like it. Not tried expert mode yet. Appreciate 5. RustyBitz Originally Posted by Darth Helmut. Second Lieutenant. I use bimmercode, seems easy to use and haven't had any problems so far.Remember Me? Anyone try this app yet? It looks very promising with quite a few options. Appreciate 0.

Yes i'm also very curious to know.

bimmercode cracked

I did end up getting the app and WiFi adapter. It's actually pretty decent, especially for the small investment. This wasn't all that important to me, since it's just a quick tap of the button for the mirrors, so I put that back to stock. The mirror function probably works fine on a coupe, though.

It's definitely worth the money. I believe it's only for F chassis cars, so it's not going to work on other models. Appreciate 3. I downloaded the app and got the wifi adapter from amazon today. Looking forward to trying this out. Seems fairly straight forward. Thanks joec for the initial review. I just tried this this morning.

App connected just fine to the adapter and I went through and made all the changes. How long should everything take to kick in? I drove for about an hour after all the coding, and nothing. No errors, just nothing took.

I did it with the engine running and doors shut, since without the engine on, it said it couldn't find the car. I'll try unplugging the adapter, plugging back in and starting over, but any ideas?Get the most out of your BMW by keeping it healthy, personalized and connected. I will compare what the apps do not share in common features only available in one app.

I will give my final thoughts on each app and final verdict. The Lite or Free versions of both apps are for testing compatibility only. The reviews today are based off the iPhone apps. Bimmercode is unique in the sense that it splits its features into two individual apps.

Both apps use the same OBD connector so no need to worry about purchasing another device. The interface is clean and easy to use. Cost savings can be had if you ONLY want to code.

The BimmerCode app, codes, and thats about it. Unlike Carly BMW it does offer an advanced setting which looks to closely match the ability of dealership scanner. The modules turn to German text and the list grows very very long.

More on Expert mode later. Its the services app. The website offers no insight as to the future direction that the apps will be taking. Carly BMW packs all of its features into a single app.

BimmerCode for BMW and Mini v1.27.2-4786 [Premium] APK Free Download

Ability to do everything via the Carly branded OBD connector. The interface is also clean and easy to use. The punch to the face comes when you purchase the Pro version only to find out that you must dole out more cash for Add-On packs.

Carly promises to continue to update the app and the project list supports this claim. However BimmerLink fails to sort or translate into English. Both company websites have the full coding lists separated out by BMW Model. They backup the current reading and then allow you to code what you like.

This is done on a module by module basis. Each module controlling certain features. BimmerCode was a major let down, while claiming to offer full coding on my model, I was only able to access 4 modules. Carly BMW had no issues accessing and coding them. Here are some screenshots: Using one Module on each app as a display.

Device needs to remain plugged in and connected to your iPhone.Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. Thread Rating: 37 Vote s - 3.

Reputation: There are tree versions - untouched, cracked and the one to use with Lucky patcher for rooted devices inapp purchases unlocked More info for the program at the Play store. I have never used it with a bluetooth adapter so compatibility with those is unknown Reputation: 0.

Bimmercode vs. BimmerLink vs. Carly BMW App

Works great and cheap. No need for drivers, Carly has it all built in. I use a legit version for quick Exx coding.

bimmercode cracked

Link deleted by owner. Please re-upload. Any info on the in app purchases? I read the link and didn't see anything about them. Hello, it says "This link is deleted by the owner. Carly v Replies: Last Post by infiniti. CarLy Replies: 8. Last Post by brumarmelo. Last Post by abderr Carista OBD2 4. Last Post by Dokin. Users browsing this thread: 1 Guest s. As such, it is not acceptable whatsoever to publish any software that is bound by any legal restriction.

MHH Auto greatly appreciates the cooperation from members on this critical issue.There are two different ways to code your car: The basic mode allows you to code the most popular coding options very easy and the expert mode aims at experienced users that are already familiar with coding and have special knowledge.

Each time the coding data is read from an ECU a backup of the coding data is created automatically to restore the original coding data later or recover in case of an error. The first time the coding data is read from an ECU a backup is created automatically to restore the original coding data later or to recover in case of an error.

To have access to your backups after changing your iOS device, you should save them regularly. To export the backups to your Windows or Mac computer please follow the steps described here. To have access to your backups after changing your Android device, you should save them regularly. You can find a list of supported adapters here. It is not possible to connect to any other than the listed devices.

You can find a detailed list of the supported cars here. You can find a detailed list of the supported cars and options here. Please note that some of the listed options may not be available or do not work depending on the software and configuration of your car. Please make sure you followed the instructions in the Quick Start Guide. Additionally it is not possible to connect to the car with an adapter other than the devices listed here.

You may also be attempting to connect to a car that is not supported. Please check the compatibility here. This results in errors displayed in the car, but these errors will disappear after turning the ignition off and on again. Even when the connection is interrupted during coding or an error occurs, the coding data can be restored using a backup and then the ECU will operate completely normal again.

Please note that using expert mode incorrectly can cause problems that may require a reflash of the ECU to correct them. In this case please unplug the adapter, restart your iOS or Android device and then connect again. Make sure flight mode is enabled and all Bluetooth connections for streaming music for example including the connection to the iDrive system are disconnected. It may also be necessary to restore the coding data using a backup.

The possibility to change the duration of the one-touch turn signal has been removed from the software in the car by BMW and it is no longer possible to change this. In demo mode no connection is established to the car and the displayed ECUs and options do not reflect what is available for your car.

The available options for your car are listed here. Purchase Can I use the app on multiple devices? Yes, you can use the app on multiple devices without having to pay again, but please note that it is not possible to transfer a purchase from iOS to Android or vice versa.

No, this is not possible.Here I have something want to share with you guys, about BMW hidden features esp. X1 F48 coding at the lowest price. It is prudence to limit Coding only to activate the important features that make our life easy on the day to day basis and not to keep meddling with it on a regular basis.

As we are just changing the status of the stock features, the changes made are only over-written in the registry. Coding as we do with the BimmerCode does not add lines to the programme and therefore, the checksum or the coding registration should not change. This is similar to selecting options from the iDrive Infotainment system, except that they are not directly accessible. Hardware remains the same without any changes; it is only that their default status change and that anyway can be altered by the user ON-THE-GO.

There is no way this can have any adverse effect on the car as a whole and therefore, denying warranty is not justifiable. However, preserving a copy of the stock setup file can prove invaluable at times. This is sufficient for most purpose. The app saves a copy of the log file every time it scans.

This can be exported to an iMac through iTunes for later use. It is a good practice to check error logs through BimmerLink before attempting any changes.

This can serve as a reference for future too. It is good to turn-on Airplane mode and enable only Wi-Fi connection before starting the activity. It is recommended to keep the Engine off with the ignition turned-on during the activity. As the modules are reset after applying the changes to the registry, the engine will be turned off.

This can create a tense situation un-necessarily. As the modules are reset during the process, there can be communication drop between modules which can throw-up errors. These errors are automatically erased during the end stages of coding. However, after the coding activity, it is good to manually check for errors through BimmerLink and erase them if needed. It is best to code features pertaining to one module at a time and verify the results before attempting another module.

Some modules which are a combination of analog and digital components will be slower in communication. Therefore, for modules such as Infotainment system, Speedo-Combo, etc.

BimmerCode for BMW and Mini Premium v1.25.0-4137 APK DOWNLOAD – [CRACKED]

Quick start guide and FAQ including the list of supported cars and the options available are all available within the app too. Make sure that the Mobile battery is fully charged and plan ahead to complete the coding activity within minutes so that the car battery does not drain.

It is a good practice to keep all accessories switched off during the activity. A must have for reading and clearing errors. I would not recommend coding without having this app, as it is very important to clear errors if any, after the activity. This will also help as a future reference. The app also has features to display sensor values, control exhaust flap, along with the provision to have required parameters to be displayed as a dashboard. I am yet to check these features as everything is in German; will update as and when I figure out something!

It was available with me came in handy. Therefore this non-existing feature can-not be activated!! Of-late, BMW has hard-coded lane change indicator cycle selector. Therefore this can-not be accessed for coding. Choice through Infotainment system is only between 1 and 3 cycles. Auto Handbrake activation is not possible through BimmerCode. Have to try my luck elsewhere. I read somewhere on the net that this is possible through E-Sys.