God showed me my husband in a vision

The post has gotten a lot of traffic, many comments and I have received many emails with stories and questions. In this post, I will tackle a few more commonly asked questions and situations that I have come across. I pray that it brings even greater clarity and it helps many discern if their flesh has been deceiving them.

Before reading this post I recommend you read the original post here. Waiting does not mean being obsessed over the situation or sitting around doing nothing. It means we are trusting God to do it His way and doing exactly what God has asked us to do during our time of waiting.

Getting a Personal Vision of God's Plan for You

While you wait you continue to be faithful in every area of your life and you continue to live a righteous life unto God. Get in the word, fall deeper in love with Jesus, serve others, be a good steward at your job, work on being a better student, love on your friends and family — simply put, ENJOY LIFE and live a life that is pleasing to God in every area!! Sitting around obsessing over the promise will not make it come any faster, if anything, it may prolong it because you have made it an idol.

God does not want us idolizing His promises, He wants us to have faith in Him that He will bring it to fruition and to desire Him more than we desire the things He can give us. Do you know that when you think about something a lot, you could end up dreaming about that very thing? Or that when you desire something really bad, you can end up dreaming about exactly what your heart desires?

A dream should never be your final or only confirmation. Your own heart, desires, and imagination can literally fool you. Dreams can come from God, the enemy, or your own flesh. Test that dream sseek God about them.

Ask God for the source of the dream and ask for an interpretation if it is from Him. Sometimes we can misinterpret the meaning of a dream and make it appear to mean something that our heart really wants.

It is so much better to err on the side of caution than to jump at every dream you have about a spouse, especially if you know you are not in that season. I wholeheartedly believe that God is well able to get a message across to His children, but we just need to be still enough and allow Him to teach us how to hear Him.

Please do not ignore the red flags! God will not tell you that someone is your husband or wife if they are not even submitted to Him first. Think about it. There is no way to go around that verse, there are no loopholes around it. If you are not in your word it is so easy to get fooled by pretenders. And this is not to say that the person should be perfect, they will be a work in progress just like you are, but their life will reflect Christ and you should see progressive change in them.

You could be dreaming about a snake and not even know it until you get into a relationship with them. God will always give warning before destruction. Many negative things that people find themselves in could easily be avoided if they would just heed the instruction and warning of God. God will never send you someone who will destroy your life.

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I believe that when God gives you a word, especially about something as important as a life partner, He will confirm it through other people. Ask yourself, who are your witnesses? You cannot trust your own heart.In those days the word of the LORD was rare ; there were not many visions I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visionsdivinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds.

Do not hesitate to go with them, for I have sent them. Romans In sum, God has a plan for your life. How can you get a personal vision of God's will for you specifically and walk that out in your life? May the Lord use these biblical principles to help you discern from God a personal vision for your life.

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In God’s Timing: How God Revealed My Husband to Me

They have no personal visionno sense of a divine summons or leading from God. In this sermon, Pastor Feeney outlines bible principles that will enable you to develop a meaningful and accurate personal vision of God's plan for your life. It helps you discern your purpose in life in God's eyes.

They had no visionbut rather a famine of hearing the words of God. God gave them a prophet. But true to the personal vision from the Lord, some twenty years later I was a minister in a Pentecostal church in Alaska!My testimony proves that God is still in the prayer answering business! Many of you may have already visited my website, theythatwaitonit.

Yes, the road to get here was trying and it tested my faith on countless occasions. Was my faith level a perfect 10 the whole way through? Not at all. I had my moments when I felt down and my faith needed a pick me up. I still believed and that belief is what got me here today. Do you still have the faith to believe your husband is out there even when nothing seems to work in your favor.

I hope the answer is yes and will remain yes as you travail through your singleness. My story to get here began at a young age. Love was such a beautiful thing and being loved had a way of making people feel accepted and valuable.

I wanted to feel those same things so I craved to receive this love I saw all around me. As I began to grow as a young woman my reasons for being in a relationship and being married became skewed and were tailored to fit my emotional needs. I wanted to be married for all the wrong reasons. I was called to glorify God and my marriage would have a purpose. I know because He did just that for me. Before my husband, I felt like I had a curse on my love life.

No matter how hard I tried to make a relationship work, they never seemed to last. The truth was I wanted to have a relationship that lasted for years like my friends, but I barely made it to one year. My longest committed relationship was actually 8 months. How pitiful I thought. I thought maybe something was wrong with me. I searched for answers and explanations, but I could not find a sufficient answer for my singleness. There were also periods where no men my age were interested in me. Only guys twice my age or older were interested.

I was so tired of men 20 years older than me trying to date me.What should I do? A lot of women believe that God has shown them who their future husband is and are unsure of what to do and how to handle it. And everyone is not going to have a dream s many people have dreams and those dreams fail.

You have to allow God to reveal it to him and give him the go-ahead to begin pursuing you. God told me two and a half years prior to my now husband approaching me about being his wife.

Guess what I had to do in those two and a half years? Even if things look completely opposite in the natural, have faith. Your job is to simply wait and treat him like any other brother in Christ. Let God give him full assurance of this and let God lead him on when and how to begin pursuing you. Men are called to be the leader. As women we have a tendency to think we know better, we know what to do, and how to do it.

Put it on the shelf. However, your greatest confirmation is for it to come to pass. Regardless of all the dreams, signs, and other types of confirmation you receive, if it does not come to pass all those confirmations mean nothing except that you heard wrong. This is very important. My Pastor told me during my time of waiting and knowing that the more people you tell, the more opinions you have to battle with and the more seeds will be planted in your heart regarding what you believe God told you.

I never understood that. But this is only a recipe for disaster. False confirmations will only lead to false hope. Instead of telling all your friends or half the churchchoose people who you consider as wise counsel to keep you accountable and who can pray with and for you regarding it.

It could be your pastor, a mentor, a female leader in your church, or a mature sister in Christ — someone who you trust and look up to spiritually. To me that was wise. And I told my friends when I felt led to tell them, and in fact, for nearly the first year and a half of the two and a half years that I knew, none of them knew — and when I did tell them, I only told TWO of them.

This is another important one. Your flesh is literally going to be the foundation of that relationship. You want the foundation of your relationship to be the Word of God which never fades away! Be patient.

god showed me my husband in a vision

That will create a much greater covenant than your looks could ever create. You want to make sure that he knows that he knows that he knows you are his wife from the Lord!Dreams and Visions. What are Dreams? Dreams, to dream, dreaming, to have a dream is as normal as breathing.

God Revealed To Me Who My Husband Is... "The One"

Sleep specialists tell us today that every person dreams every night. Yet not every person will remember or recall the dreams that they receive. To dream every night is quite normal and quite regular. In fact to dream is very healthy for every individual. Tests have been conducted to see what happens when people are prevented from dreaming.

This only needed to happen a few times, and, in addition to sleep deprivation, the individuals began to suffer short-term memory loss and other emotional instabilities due to the fact that they were not allowed to dream. Dreaming was soon discovered to be a method employed in the human make up that kept a person from going insane. We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made. Visions are basically the same as dreams, except that dreams happen whilst a person is in a state of sleep and visions will happen whilst the person is fully awake.

The reason that Dreams and Visions are prophetic is because they are to do with the visual and seeing aspects of what God is saying. As created beings, we are created in the image of God. God had a dream of what He wanted the heavens and the earth to look like.

Dreams And Visions

He then proceeded to create them according to that dream. Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine, had a dream and from that dream created the sewing machine.

Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winner, claimed that he had seen the structure of the atom in a dream. Today God is still dreaming and speaking to His creation through dreams. It is fair to say that every Christian can probably recall at least one time when they believed that God spoke to them in a dream.

The Greek philosopher Plato was the first person outside of the Bible to indicate that valid ways of obtaining knowledge was through the five senses, through reasoning of the mind and from the spirit realm. However some fifty years later Aristotle came along correcting this notion, stating that the only way to acquire knowledge was through the five senses.One of the life lessons I keep discovering is: There is a time and place for everything, but only in Gods timing.

This has held true from the very beginning of my relationship with my husband. Before we got married we were friends. Before we were friends we were just acquaintances. And before that we were just another face in the crowd unaware of the others existence.

god showed me my husband in a vision

But, through every stage there was a time and place for each season of our relationship coming into existence. My husband and I met at Church, but when I first started attending I had just turned 20 years old and he was just about to turn At that point he was just the drummer in the worship band I thought was cute, but thankfully I understood the time and place God was calling me to. I was brand new to my faith and boys were definitely not at the top of my priorities.

I accepted that God was calling me to focus on my relationship with Him and not pursue other relationships at that time. As the year went on I had some of the most amazing moments in my life. I was so thankful for where God had placed me. I was single and I was discovering who I was in Christ. It was a great season of my life. It seemed soon enough I was turning 21 and that cute drummer was still 17!

Shortly after turning 21, Derek my now husband finally turned I no longer felt awkward having a crush on a younger guy and I knew God was changing the season I was in. Throughout the year before Derek turned 18 I had not said one word to him. Now, not to mention he was legally still a minor and I was almost old enough to drink. Where am I going with this?

Notice, I said accept and not understand. I had a crush on a younger guy but I accepted it was not the time and place for a relationship with him.

God had other plans in mind before a relationship with Derek and I could happen. Once Derek turned 18 things began to change. I remembered back on prayers I had with God that previous year and knew Derek was going to be the one. The funny thing is, Derek was having similar thoughts but I had no idea because we never talked! The next year led us into a time of friendship.

He joined the young adult bible study and we were easily always around each other. Our attraction seemed pretty evident but we still were not in a place to be more than friends. It took a whole year of friendship to really allow God to do other things in our life.

It was a fun time for us, but certainly not easy. We had our own times of trial seeming to test the depth of our friendship.

None the less, God moved us into another season that ultimately led us down the path of dating and marriage. I love our love story, and this is the short version, but one thing remained true the whole time. There was always a time and place for everything. Instead, I encourage you to embrace your alone time with God.

It is such a special time in your life when God is revealing your future to you. Walk with Him as He leads you in and out of each new season, and rejoice in His perfect timing for your life.The Word says in the last days the Holy Spirit will be giving many visions and dreams.

Visions are a special and unique way of hearing from the Lord. Some speak of vision as a general term, as in visualizing a future perspective, or goal. However, the Greek and Hebrew refer to vision as sight.

god showed me my husband in a vision

Vision; gaze, look, behold, see, sight, and view. A Biblical vision is a literal, spiritual and sometimes a physical happening. Receiving a vision is a gift from the Lord: an experience of sight, not the imagination. For purposes of definitions there are 5 types of visions:. Pictures, like a still photograph, on the screen of the mind. In my rhema, I call them PIX:. Visions which are moving scenes. Visions of gazing wonder which are like trances.

Visions through opening of the literal eyes. Being carried away in the Spirit which are revelatory experiences. Pictures, in my experience, contain one scene and usually appear in a flash without prior notice. I cannot remember seeing a picture when I was given the time to stop and look.

It happens very quickly, and remains just long enough for me to notice and then it vanishes. Pictures are usually one screen snapshots, like a photograph that does not have movement in them. There are two types of pictures noted here:. The strongest and most vivid I see are at night when asleep.

When it appears, I see, then the Lord alerts me and I understand with my conscious mind what I just saw! I also see the same kind of picture visions when I am at deep rest and communing with Him - with my eyes closed and not asleep. One fun example happened the night after my husband and I had been playing the game Rummikub. Pronounced like Rummy-Cube, looks similar to dominoes, plays like Rummy.

That night in bed I saw a flash picture of a Rummikub with the number on it. The Lord went on to say something about me, which I dutifully wrote down in the midst of my slumberous fog before crashing back to sleep. I was tickled to find that the number means Alexandria, which is where my name Sandy comes from. It was a delightful confirmation to what I heard that night.

My eyes are closed, therefore I see it on the screen of my mind. We can have day dreams as humans and some see with their imagination quite clearly. Artists especially have this skill. It comes suddenly with surprise and is not a part of us or our mind.

It is an experience that happens TO us, and not through us. Through us is our involvement with thoughts of our mind - to us is an uninvolved surprise.