Index of merlin s04

Credited as a regular, Anthony Head left the series after his character was killed off in "The Wicked Day". Nathaniel Parker joined the regular cast in this series credited as such for the first time in "Aithusa" and John Hurt returned as the voice of the Great Dragon. A year has passed since Morgana fell from power and openly betrayed Camelot, and Camelot has entered a dark age.

With Uther left heartbroken from the ultimate betrayal his daughter committed, it is now up to Prince Arthur to take charge. A new face has arrived at court; Agravaine, the young Prince's uncle and most trusted advisor, however is he to be trusted?

index of merlin s04

After all one can be betrayed by anyone, Arthur has been forced to learn. With Morgana's powers growing at an alarming rate outside the castle walls, Merlin must be more cautious than ever if he is to protect Arthur and save Albion from falling into dust. With the trust of Merlin, Guinevere and Gaius to back him as Camelot enters dark times, Arthur is given a lease of hope.

However whilst enemies grow stronger outside the walls of Camelot, another flourishes from within As Morgana spreads fear and horror throughout Albion, Guienevere meets her destiny, Arthur finds the weight of a kingdom to bear and Merlin finds his destiny fast approaching, the battle for Camelot may be closer than anyone could've thought The full list of cast members is as follows: [5] [6].

The production of a fourth series of Merlin was confirmed on 25 October Series 4 will consist of 13 episodes. There's no reverse going on. John Hurt who narrated the show and plays the voice of the great dragon would also be upgraded back into a series regular after having a recurring role in season two. On 19 August Phil Davis was cast as the Gleeman. James Callis joined that casting for the fourth episode as Julius Borden.

Merlin season 4

Steven Hartley also joined the casting as King Caerleon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Merlin series 4 Complete DVD set box art. Retrieved 9 December Digital technologies have made all of the greatest and most popular TV series of our century available right at your fingertips. We support different formats including. Additionally, the quality is enhanced by your device which likely provides a great functionality to make the quality of the videos truly outstanding.

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index of merlin s04

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Her sister gives her the last present and brings the voluntary sacrifice before dying. The deadly Dorocha spirits are unleashed and they start their terror in Camelot which causes the deaths of thousands among the people. To seal the Dorocha again another sacrifice should be done and there will be a person who is ready to implement it. S04E04 Episode 4: Aithusa 1. S04E08 Episode 8: Lamia 1.

S04E09 Episode 9: Lancelot du Lac Show list YouTube mp3. ABC Family. BBC America. BBC UK. Cartoon Network. Sky 1 HD. Sky Atlantic. Comedy Central. The CW. USA Network. ITV 1. Leverage season 5. Leverage season 4. Leverage season 3.

index of merlin s04

Leverage season 2. Leverage season 1. Home Merlin Merlin season 4. Merlin season 4. Download Merlin season Original Title:. Release Date:.Down in Morgana's hovel, Agravaine watches over her sleeping form anxiously. As he gets up to tend the fire, Morgana's eyelids flicker and her eyes roll back in her head as she recalls her fight with Emrys. She wakes up with a gasp, and Agravaine rushes to her side. She informs him that Emrys broke into her house and destroyed the Formorra, thus proving that he knows everything about their plans.

Agravaine states that Gaius must be in league with him and Morgana thus realizes that Gaius can lead them straight to Emrys. Back in Camelot, Arthur is forcibly dragged out of bed by an energetic Merlin who has already scheduled his entire morning and reassures Arthur on how well he's performing as King. There's a knock on the door and Agravaine enters, asking for a private word. As he dresses, Agravaine reminds him that there's a traitor somewhere in Camelot, and that they need to flush him out.

He leads the conversation back to Gaius, recalling that he told Arthur where to find the sorcerer who killed Uther and that he has a history with magic. Arthur seems on the verge of agreeing to let Agravaine question Gaius.

Morgana gallops through the forest on a white horse and stops at a cliffside, looking out over the sea to where a city waits on an island, joined to the mainland by a natural bridge. Once there, she wanders through an Eastern-style marketplace and enters what looks like a large stone temple. Once there, she tells a shirtless man that she wishes to see the Cathar. She enters the room to see a purple-robed man meditating before an array of lit candles.

Merlin (TV series)/Recap/S04 E07 The Secret Sharer

He opens his eyes and they introduce each other: he's Alator, a warrior-priest of the Cathar, and she's Morgana, High Priestess of the Triple Goddess. She tells him that she wants him to abduct someone in Camelot and offers him her healing bracelet in payment. He agrees. In Camelot's council chamber, Arthur plays with his mother's rings as soldiers escorts Gaius into the room. He hangs back as Agravaine pulls out a chair for Gaius and cheerfully tells him that he's been brought in for some simple questioning.

Gaius : Have I done something wrong, sire? Agravaine : What is your attitude to sorcery, Gaius? Gaius : It is against the law. Agravaine : And do you agree with that?

Gaius : I understand the reason for it. Agravaine : That's not an answer to the question that I asked. Gaius : The law is needed to prevent the abuses that have been perpetrated by sorcerers. Agravaine : Can I ask you to be a little more direct with your answers. Do you agree that magic should be banned?

Yes or no? Gaius : Yes. Agravaine : Have you ever practiced sorcery? Gaius : A long time ago. Agravaine : Recently? Gaius : No. Agravaine thus asks him how he knew of the sorcerer that supposedly killed Uther. Having been looking frequently at Arthur throughout his interrogation, Gaius now refuses to say how he knew where the man was to be found, and Agravaine catches him in a lie when Gaius says that he's never met the man.TV Schedule.

Sign In. Merlin — Season: 1 2 3 4 5. S4, Ep1. Error: please try again. Morgana takes the dying Morgause to the Isle of the Blessed where she unwittingly tears the veil to the spirit world, unleashing the Dorocha, invisible ghosts that begin to attack the kingdom. At Camelot, where a weakened Uther has given over much of his rule to his scheming brother Agravaine, Merlin senses what is happening but finds his magic inadequate to stop it.

As Camelot fills with refugees, Gaius reasons that, as one death opened the portal, only another will close it. Arthur offers himself as the sacrifice and travels to the Isle of the Blessed with Merlin S4, Ep2. The kingdom is on the brink of collapse, with Morgana poised to strike. As Lancelot races back to Camelot with the dying Merlin, Arthur must continue on his mission to vanquish the Dorocha without them.

Though the knights know their journey to the Isle of the Blessed is fraught with danger, none anticipate the sacrifice Arthur intends to make there. Friendship and loyalty are tested to the limit, but in the end, it is the power of love that changes all their lives forever.

S4, Ep3. The mighty citadel is buzzing in anticipation of the prince's birthday celebrations, but Arthur's old adversary, Odin, promises to ensure this is one party Camelot will never forget, for amongst the assembling guests lurks a deadly assassin, set to strike. As the dust settles, Camelot is left devastated, but just how far is Merlin prepared to go to put things right?

Would he really risk everything and reveal his secret? S4, Ep4. The mysterious Julius Borden arrives in Camelot with news of a magical secret that threatens to change the landscape of the kingdom forever.

He has located the final part of the key to the tomb of Ashkanar, an ancient mausoleum which holds a very special treasure: the last remaining dragon's egg.

index of merlin s04

Merlin is understandably drawn in by Borden's news, and promises to help him, but just who is the enigmatic stranger and, more importantly, what does he really want with the egg?Camelot got in chaos, people are frightened.

Uther Pendragon has all the power and by his direct order any kind of magic is forbidden under pain of death. All magicians are banished, all dragons are killed, but one is imprisoned and left alive. Merlin is born with some magic skills and Gaius is going to help him manage those skills. S01E02 Episode 2: Valiant S01E05 Episode 5: Lancelot S01E09 Episode 9: Excalibur S01E13 Episode Le mort d'Arthur Show list YouTube mp3. ABC Family. BBC America. BBC UK. Cartoon Network. Sky 1 HD.

Sky Atlantic. Comedy Central. The CW. USA Network. ITV 1. Leverage season 5. Leverage season 4. Leverage season 3. Leverage season 2.

Leverage season 1. Home Merlin Download Merlin season 1 full episodes. Merlin season 1. Download Merlin season Original Title:. Release Date:. Tags: Merlin. Download other seasons. Merlin season 5. Merlin season 4.This is a list of characters in the BBC fantasy drama television series Merlin.

Note: All characters are listed in alphabetical order by their first name. In the second-season episode, "The Nightmare Begins", he, with the assistance of Mordred, rescued Morgana from a group of serkets, and later healed the injury she sustained from one of the creatures. While she resided with him and his fellow Druids, Aglain encouraged Morgana not to fear herself and her emerging abilities, telling her that magic was not evil and not something Uther should hate.

When Arthur and his knights arrived in pursuit of Morgana, whom they thought had been kidnapped by the Druids, Aglain tried to help Morgana and Mordred flee with his people.

Episode List

However, in the process, he was shot dead by one of Arthur's men. Agravaine de Bois portrayed by Nathaniel Parker was the brother of Ygraine and Tristan de Bois and the uncle of Arthur who appeared in the fourth season. Though he was supposedly in Camelot to act as an advisor to Arthur, Agravaine was really there to help Morgana in her attempts to seize the throne.

Holding Uther responsible for the deaths of his siblings, Agravaine placed a charmed necklace on the dying Uther's neck in "The Wicked Day" that would ultimately be responsible for the king's death in that episode. Throughout the fourth season, Agravaine influenced Arthur heavily in matters of state, even encouraging the young king to go against his own instincts and wishes, such as killing the king of another kingdom who had been raiding inside Camelot's borders and distancing himself from Gwen in the episode, "His Father's Son".

However Morgana often has doubts about Agravaine's abilities throughout Season 4 and is often seen threatening him and he in returns attempts to pacify her and assure Morgana of his abilities. Agravaine kept his cover as a seemingly loyal kinsman to Arthur until the penultimate episode, "The Sword and the Stone, Part One", when he cleared the way for Morgana and the warlord, Helios, to invade Camelot, even joining in the fighting during the battle.

After Camelot was secured, Agravaine led a group of warriors in pursuit of Arthur and Merlin, who were fleeing to Ealdor. He hunted Arthur in the tunnels, but was baited into chasing Merlin towards a dead end. Here Merlin reveals his magic and throws aside Agravaine and his men.

Agravaine survives the initial attack and realises Merlin must be Emrys, the sorcerer Morgana has dreamt of. He laughs in shock and tries to deceive Merlin with words of praise so he can stab him, but Merlin sees through the ruse and kills Agravaine with a second attack. Along with Kilgarragh the Great Dragon, Aithusa is the only other living dragon left in existence. She first appears in the episode "Aithusa" when as an egg, she is rescued by Merlin from Jules Borden in the Tomb of Ashkanar.

Due to his powers as a Dragonlord, Merlin is able to hatch her, and her status as a White Dragon is taken as a sign of good fortune by Kilgarragh.