Pcusa interim pastors

VitalChurch Ministry has placed many interim pastors in churches around the country, and some even in other parts of the world. A VitalChurch interim pastor takes churches through an in-depth process of church revitalization where he helps churches get to the heart of their issues and address them.

Our pastors also help guide churches in the direction in which God is leading, and none of this is a simple or fast process. Typically, a VitalChurch interim pastor stays in churches for more than a year. It goes without saying that when a pastor ministers to a congregation for a year or more, the congregation often bonds with that pastor. They become comfortable with his style of leadership and preaching, and may be reluctant to bring in someone who is less known, or a stranger altogether.

In fact, we now write it into our contracts with churches that our interim pastors cannot be considered for a permanent pastor position. Serving as an intentional interim pastor is a very different thing than serving as a permanent pastor in a church.

Our pastors have unique gifts and spiritual qualities that make them very well suited for this role. We are called to the church. At VitalChurch, it is our mission to revitalize churches in crisis or transition and see them reconciled and restored to unity, with gifted leadership in place, gospel values embedded, effective governance, and an exciting mission agreed upon.

Our interim pastors need to stay focused on that mission. They are there for a period of time to be agents of change. By leaving open the possibility that an interim pastor could be considered for the permanent pastor position, it could compromise his ability to effect change. He could be thinking about how he could keep his job and may avoid addressing important issues that could rock the boat.

Our interim pastors need to be free to do and say the hard things, even if it makes them unpopular with some in the congregation or church leadership. Ministering to churches in crisis can be difficult. By requiring that someone else come in as the next senior pastor, both the church and the new pastor get a fresh start.

A pastoral search process in which the interim pastor was a candidate could be somewhat tainted. The pastoral search committee and the congregation would be very familiar with the interim pastor, and probably much less familiar with the other candidates. Our policy of not allowing our pastors to be considered for a permanent position takes this pressure off of churches.

Keeping the interim pastor from being considered as a candidate also frees him up to aid the church in the pastoral search process. All of our pastors have been trained to walk churches through the process and help them discern who God is calling to be their next senior pastor.

Is your church looking for an experienced pastor who can walk your church through your current state of transition or crisis? Contact us to learn more about our interim pastor ministries. Your email address will not be published. Is your church in a season of transition or crisis? Are you a part of a denomination needing an assessment of member churches or training for your interim pastors? VitalChurch would love to talk with you about how we can help.

Contact us for an initial consultation. A church that has even a hint of feeling the need for this ministry would do well to grab at the opportunity. The value is seen initially to some degree, but is not seen in 1) dm entirety until some time has passed and the effects are permeating the church body.

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And these effects are from the Lord, not some methodology, [VitalChurch] is a ministry God uses to bring light and healing. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Let's Talk Is your church in a season of transition or crisis?Search Search.

pcusa interim pastors

Below are resources and tools for synods, presbyteries, congregations and church professions to analyze clergy terms of call and compensation offers for pay equity purposes. Recognizing that "the new reality in Christ" should be reflected in the quality of the church's common life and witness," this resolution encourages all Presbyterians to uncover and correct unjustified pay disparities.

All candidates should be considered for positions within the church based on the gifts they bring to ministry and not be based on gender, race, ethnic background, age, disability or marital status.

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining fair and just compensation.

If We Like Our Interim Pastor, Can He Stay on and Be Our New Permanent Pastor?

Using the Board of Pensions definition of Effective Salary can help alleviate confusions about what is included in salary. Every presbytery sets presbytery minimum salary requirements and other policies that relate to compensation. Check with the presbytery for current minimums and relevant policies. Presbytery Contact Information. Church Information Forms for open positions within the PC USA are available for viewing, including the minimum salary being offered for the position.

Comparisons of similar positions and positions in similar presbyteries are possible. Find out more. This calculator compares the differences in the cost of living as you move from one area of the country to another. Watch this module. Louisville, KY Understanding Effective Salary Using the Board of Pensions definition of Effective Salary can help alleviate confusions about what is included in salary. Presbytery Minimums and Policies Every presbytery sets presbytery minimum salary requirements and other policies that relate to compensation.

Cost of Living Comparison Calculator This calculator compares the differences in the cost of living as you move from one area of the country to another. Determine what would be a just salary range for the position you are considering and compare it to the minimum salary being offered for the position.

Be prepared to negotiate a just salary for your call and to ask for presbytery assistance if need be.Bridge Interim Pastor: Reverend Dr.

Duane Hix. Duane will lead worship services on most Sundays in addition to his primary responsibilities as Head of Staff and Moderator of Session. Education: B. Family: Duane is married to the fabulous Medora Hix! They have five grandchildren, including Paisley and Isla, who manage to make their presence known at CPC! Mitzi is p rimarily responsible for guiding and facilitating ministries that engage adults in educational and relationship endeavors that inform and nurture their Christian faith.

Mi tzi is a native of Northern Virginia but has lived in North Carolina since After serving as hospital chaplain at UNC Memorial, Mitzi was a solo pastor in Duplin County and then in Sanford before taking time away from ministry to be with her then young children.

Faith Leader: PCUSA Gay Stance 'Sin against Church'

Youth PLUS Coordinator: Reverend Alan Bancroft Alan oversees and helps coordinate the educational, fellowship and missional ministries for youth 5 th th grades so as to create cohesive opportunities for Christian faith development and nurture.

Alan is a graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary. She is originally from New Jersey but has lived in North Carolina for over 25 years. She has a B. In addition to being on the church staff, she also teaches at the Preschool 3 days a week. Barbara has been married to her husband, Chip, for more than 30 years and they have two daughters. Angie Keith, Preschool Director Angie works with the Preschool staff to maintain strict standards, according to our state license. She connects with church board members to keep our Preschool program up to date, while staying true to the standards that have made Cary Presbyterian Preschool known for excellence for more than 30 years.

Phil also ensures the efficient and effective operation of the church office. He works closely with the Building and Grounds Ministry team. Ed Yasick, Director of Music Ed oversees the entire music program at Cary Presbyterian Church, ensuring a balanced and extensive music ministry to and with all ages.

Ed earned a B. Contact Duane here. Associate Pastor for Adult Faith Formation: Reverend Mitzi Lesher-Thomas Mitzi is p rimarily responsible for guiding and facilitating ministries that engage adults in educational and relationship endeavors that inform and nurture their Christian faith.

Contact Mitzi here. Alan, his wife Gracyn, and their two sons live in Cary. Contact Alan here. Jennifer is married and has three children. Contact Jen here.

Contact Barbara here. Angie and her husband, Brandon, have three sons. Contact Phil here. Ron is married and has one son. Contact Ron here. Contact Ed here. All rights reserved. Quick Links.Stately trees surrounding a natural prayer labyrinth. Winding road through the Highlands of Scotlands. Beautiful image of fall foliage and a path through the woods.

Here are just a few of the topics we will cover in each of our educational events:. Here is listing of the locations and organizations that are part of TMEC. To learn more about the education event at a particular site, click on the name below. Each site that hosts these events sets its own costs and often depends on the housing option chosen.

The Transitional Ministry Education Consortium is a group of transitional pastors, associate pastors, bi-vocational pastors, mid-council leaders, coaches and other transition professionals who are committed to the mission and ministry of the church of Jesus Christ. We strive to make all of our events denominationally and racially inclusive, as we value the diversity of our faith and the voices within it.

Each year, we come together as a consortium for continuing education on best practices in transitional ministry so that we can provide the most relevant training on issues facing transitional and interim church leaders. Summer campsite in Oregon Stately trees surrounding a natural prayer labyrinth. Trail through fall foliage Beautiful image of fall foliage and a path through the woods.

Equipping leaders to navigate pathways of change for the church in the 21st century. Here are some of our most asked questions Where are the TMEC educational events being held? Calvin Center, Hampton, Georgia. Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. How much does a TMEC event cost? Synod of Lakes and Prairies, Buffalo, Minnesota. Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond, Virginia.It does not have to be that way.

The interim period between two pastors can be a time of great benefit for churches. It is for that reason I encourage churches not to make mistakes common during this interim time. Here are seven of them:. Simply stated, the interim period is a time of opportunity, not just a time of waiting.

pcusa interim pastors

Make the right decisions and the church will be stronger in the near term and for years to come. At the church I serve at they did 1, 3, 5, and 6. The had a different take on 2. There was a guy who had been a board member and part of the church for years submit his resume even though he was not qualified he was not ordained and did not have the training to get ordained.

When he did not get the position he left the church and took a bunch of people with him. They also let a personnel problem hang around. They told me at the first board meeting the worship leader needed to be fired. The worship leader needed to be let go because there were serious issues there and so I did it.

Well with that we had another group of people leave the church and my leadership was openly questioned by influential members of the church. Set me up for a failure that 2 years in we are still trying to recover from. I am serving my first interim position after 36 years of being a senior pastor.

The church where I serve is doing none of these things, though they did try to get me to consider the position. We are together addressing the sacred cows and cleaning up the mess. Thom, you are absolutely right about 2. I have seen churches have serious problems as a result of letting the interim candidate.

I like that, Fred. This situation applies to those cases where another staff person becomes the interim.

I am attending a Baptist church where this has happened. Our pastor retired in December of last year. He decided after 2 sermons that he wants to become the permanent pastor. We do not have church bylaws and the congregation is angry. We have been told we cannot have a business meeting. What advice would you give on this situation? If the interim is the man God wants there, then why be restrictive?

In fact, why have an interim at all?Apply Part Time. Worship Style: Contemporary. Category: Associate Pastor.

Apply Full Time.

pcusa interim pastors

Worship Style: Traditional. Used by churches all over the world to help teach worship, the Experiencing Worship study can help your worship team too. Your team will learn why we worship and gain a better understanding of how to worship.

One user said I would like to express my thanks for a well written study course that leads into a higher realm of praise and worship. Order the study today! Toggle navigation Home My ChurchJobs. Post your Premium Resume Today! New Feature: See who views your resume! Search Advanced Search. Jobs by: CategoryLocationDenominationStyle. Desired Qualificati Size: - Worship Style: Other. Part Time. Director of Music.

Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church Desired: An individual who is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, who is musically gifted, and who is able to lead and equip our congregation in the musical aspects of worship. Responsibilities: Oversee planning and preparation of music for Sunday worship service, as well as other special services Actively lead, engage, and te Size: less than Worship Style:.

Administrative Assistant. Hackberry Creek Church 1 This is a part time position. This position will be paid at an hourly rate. English Ministry Pastor. Full Time.Register Now. JulyLeading a congregation and faith community through transition is both challenging and rewarding.

Whether it is a change in leadership or a changing neighborhood, it takes knowledge, skill, resilience and spiritual strength to navigate the waters of transition in a way that allows a congregation and its leaders to be open to possibilities, go deeper and thrive. The Art of Transitional Ministry offers education in the skills and understanding necessary for leading a congregation and faith community in transition.

pcusa interim pastors

Leaders and participants come from several mainline traditions, which creates rich opportunities for additional learning. The Art of Transitional Ministry Program is broken down into two week-long courses of study offered concurrently along with Spouse Track. Week I The basic education course is designed for pastors and congregational leaders who are serving or are considering serving in congregations that are in the midst of transition; yet, it is valuable continuing education for all faith leaders as we are all in the midst of change within our culture and world.

This intensive hour course provides basic understandings for consciously leading congregations through changes in context, identity, and leadership.

It is also appropriate for clergy and laity serving in denominational bodies that need to understand congregations in transition. Additionally, personnel representatives and Committee on Ministry members are especially urged to take this opportunity to become familiar with the concerns of pastors serving in temporary roles interim, designated and traditional ministries.

Week II For pastors and leaders serving in congregations and faith communities in the midst of transitions in leadership, culture, context, and ministry.

Completion of Week I within the past five years and current service in a transitional or interim ministry position widely defined is required for participation in this course. This course will provide an opportunity for going deeper into the work introduced in week I and beginning to understand our role as leaders in contexts of change and transition.

Registration is limited and there are several homework assignments to prepare for Week II, so early registration is advised. Spouse Track Designed for spouses of pastors considering or already in interim positions. Regardless of the level of involvement in the transitional ministry context, it is important for spouses to understand the unique characteristics of this specialized ministry. This track is designed for both education and renewal; time for rest, reflection and self-care are provided, and the schedule allows for more free time than is afforded for those participating in Week I and Week II.

We encourage participants who are flying to the conference to arrive at Reno-Tahoe International Airport and to arrange shuttle transportation with the South Tahoe Airporter.

Pastors and Staff

Itineraries can be sent to program zephyrpoint. This is an opportunity unique to Zephyr Point! For more information about this option, visit our Camp Zephyr page. Contact the Program Team at program zephyrpoint.

She completed her M. She also served 6 years as a District Superintendent, specializing in transitional pastorates. She served as a transitional interim pastor in in San Mateo. She is a trained and practicing Coach for Cross-cultural ministries. She also completed training by the Academy for Missional Wisdom to create emergent missional communities of Wesleyan faith and practice. Jen is a spiritual director, certified life and leadership coach, writer, retreat leader, and preacher who is passionate about assisting others to deepen their walk of faith and discover what God is calling them to be and do in the world.

Kevin has been ordained since and began as a consultant for youth ministry for the Presbytery of South Florida and served two congregations as youth minister.

From there, he served as a solo pastor and an associate pastor in Missouri, Oregon, and California. He served in long term transitional ministry otherwise known as installed in Marshfield, Wisconsin.