Types of yoni

A Yoni Egg is a very personal thing and we believe that every woman intuitively knows what is best for her. That being said, if it is your first introduction to Yoni Eggs you probably feel a little overwhelmed. If after reading this you are still unsure where to start, or you are buying a Yoni Egg as a gift for someone else in your life, we suggest two options:. It might sound a little counterintuitive — when using Yoni Egg most of the time we will start our practice with a larger egg and as our dexterity grows, we will go down in size.

The larger the egg the easier it is for us to feel and for the muscles to grip it. Although the larger the egg the heavier it is, so it gets harder to keep it in for long periods of time. If you cannot keep the egg in at first, do not get discouraged, it is completely normal for beginners — start practicing while laying down or sitting up.

Most practitioners can start with the medium size egg. Important — Do not practice with a Yoni Egg if you are pregnant or right after childbirth. A Yoni egg can be a wonderful practice to start postpartum, just make sure to consult your doula, midwife or doctor before you start. Small eggs are not for petite women, they are recommended for advanced practitioners who desire to experiment with different sizes of the egg, and sometimes small eggs are being used in pairs.

The small egg is also a good choice for you if you already experience excessive tightness in your pelvic floor. In that case, yoni egg practice can help you, but it needs to be approached with caution.

We recommend getting in touch with a pelvic care specialist or yoni egg instructor who will help create a practice designed specifically for you that addresses excessive tension in the pelvic floor. Any exercises that involve squeezing and pulling in are a no-no for you at first, the focus needs to be on relaxing.

You can start communicating with your body even before you have the egg. Using the ruler measure this distance between your fingers and ask your womb what size feels the best for her.

types of yoni

Choosing a crystal is partially so wonderful and fun because the answer of what crystal to chose is already within you. Some people chose crystals based solely on their intuition.

Yoni Eggs are made from many varieties of beautiful and exotic gemstones.One of the wonderful insights of Tantra is that female energy is like a river — you can never step in the same water twice, as it is always flowing and changing.

However there are some guidance posts in the physical structure of a yoni that you can use as relaxed guidance. In my last newsletter, I described the first type — the violet. If you love the act of intercourse itself, and prefer short genital foreplay, this is the yoni type for you.

Of course, you can extend the time of connection with her through synchronized breathing, expressing your admiration and affection and with an exquisite Tantric body massage. She has a tiny clitoris next to the vaginal opening. But appearance does not determine sensation, and the woman with a Tulip yoni is blessed with a body that is well suited to the pleasure of the sexual act.

For her, the position of the clitoris makes it possible for her to be easily stimulated during intercourse, and the G-spot is close to the entrance and easily reached.

As you know, the G-spot is the lower end of the clitoris, which is the north pole of the yoni. Clitoris and G-spot are merging into the same sexual organ of pleasure. In this type of yoni, the size of the vaginal cave is very deep, and can easily accommodate even longer sized lingams.

This type of yoni is usually dry because she is hot and tends to evaporate the moisture quite fast. Please make sure that you have good lubrication close by when you make love to her. If you do love to give her genital foreplay, be very, very gentle and slow; because of the sensitivity of both her clitoris and her inner lips. She likes to be stimulated by massaging and squeezing her outer lips together. Often, this yoni tends to prefer intercourse to foreplay or oral because direct clitoral stimulation can actually be painful, and her clitoris receives a lot of stimulation from penetration alone.

The Five Types of Yoni – Part One: The Violet

She likes hard, fast intercourse with deep thrusting and movements that cause the lingam popping in and out of the vaginal entrance. Her preferred intercourse positions? Well, she likes them all, but especially positions that give her deep penetration.

Positions with her legs up are among her favorite ones. Excerpt from "Tantra Love" Tantra Love requires a willingness to "become the other. She rarely lets me touch her with my hand and never with my tongue. She always prefers me on top of her. I have yet to give her an orgasm though. I would love any advice you might have.

I am satisfied that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing. Some of these things sound like me, like the dry and lack of foreplay, sometimes, but most times long Lingam ids uncomfortable. You must log in to post a comment.

Log in now.The Shasha is known by a Linga which in erection does not exceed six finger-breaths, or about three inches. His figure is short and spare, but well-proportioned in shape and make; he has small hands, knees, feet, loins and thighs, the latter being darker than the rest of the skin. His features are clear and well proportioned; his face is round, his teeth are short and fine, his hair is silky, and his eyes are large and well-opened.

He is of a quiet disposition; he does good for virtue's sake; he looks forward to making a name; he is humble in demeanour; his appetite for food is small, and he is moderate in carnal desires. Finally, there is nothing offensive in his Kama-salila or semen.

The Vrishabha is known by a Linga of nine fingers in length, or four inches and a half. His body is robust and tough, like that of a tortise; his chest is fleshy, his belly is hard, and the frogs of the upper arms are turned so as to be brought in front.

His forehead is high, his eyes large and long, with pink corners, and the palm of his hands are red. His disposition is cruel and violent, restless and irascible, and his Kama-salila is every ready. The Ashwa is known by a Linga of twelve fingers, or about six inches long.

He is tall and large-framed, but not fleshy, and his delight is in big and robust women, never in those of delicate form. His body is hard as iron, his chest is broad, full, and muscular; his body below the hips is long, and the same is the case with his mouth and teeth, his neck and ears; whilst his hands and fingers are remarkably so.

His knees are somewhat crooked, and this distortion may also be observed in the nails of his toes. His hair is long, coarse and thick. His look is fixed and hard, without changing form, and his voice is deep like that of a bull. He is reckless in spirit, passionate and covetous, gluttonous, volatile, lazy, and full of sleep. He walks slowly, placing one foot in front of the other.

types of yoni

He cares little for the venereal rite, except when the spasm approaches. His Kama-salila is copious, salt, and goat-like. And as men are divided into three classes by the length of the Linga, so the four orders of women, Padmini, Chitrini, Shankhini and Hastini, may be subdivided into three kinds, according to the depth and extent of the Yoni.

The Mrigi has a Yoni six fingers deep. Her body is delicate, with girlish aspect, soft and tender. Her head is small and well-proportioned; her bosom stands up well; her stomach is thin and drawn in; her thighs and Mons Veneris are fleshy, and her build below the hips is solid, whilst her arms from the shoulder downwards are large and rounded.

Her hair is thick and curly; her eyes are black as the dark lotus-flower; her nostrils are fine; her cheeks and cars are large; her hands, feet, and lower lip are ruddy, and her fingers are straight.In sculpture and paintings, the lingam is depicted as resting in the yoni as a cylinder in a spouted dish. The two symbols together represent the eternal process of creation and regeneration, the union of the male and female principles, and the totality of all existence.

In a myth narrated in several Puranasthe body of Satian avatar of Shakti, is dismembered and scattered throughout India. Her yoni falls, and remains, in Assamregarded as the home of Tantra esoteric practices. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree See Article History.

Read More on This Topic. One of the most common objects of worship, whether in temples or in household worship, is the lingam, a symbol of Shiva. Often much stylized Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Often much stylized and representing the cosmic pillar, it emanates its all-producing energy to the four quarters of the universe. As the…. It is placed in a stone yoni that represents both the womb and the abode of all….

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More About. Academia - Yoni symbol indicates 'mother goddess' and concept of 'rebirth'.You may choose to try yoni eggs for any number of reasons. Perhaps you want to improve your pleasure in the bedroom. Perhaps you want to strengthen your pelvic wall and decrease incontinence.

But once you settle on a size and a distributeryou have another choice to make: What material would you like your yoni egg to be made of? While you have probably heard about the physical benefits of yoni eggsyou may not know that there are many metaphysical properties tied to them as well.

Different yoni eggs are composed of different types of crystals, and each type of crystal has a different mystical or healing quality associated with it.

From China to Greece to Egypt, crystals have been used in spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years. By exploring the history, properties, and ethical acquisition of popular crystals, you can choose the yoni egg that is perfect for you. The Yoni is a symbol that comes from Hinduism. It represents the feminine energy behind all life and, when paired with the depiction of the god Shiva, equates to balance and regeneration.

This is why a yoni egg is not just meant for physical health and improvement. It is also an object associated with the immensely powerful and sacred attributes that are found in all women.

Debates about whether or not gemstones can really protect or grant special powers to the people who wear or use them are still taking place today. There is a long history of gemstones and crystals being used as amulets and objects of power.

As far back as BC, the ancient Sumerians were using minerals and precious stones to craft objects and potions for healing.

The ancient Egyptians used gemstones to attract love and guide their dead through the underworld, while the Greeks used crystals for everything from protecting themselves in battle to avoiding hangovers. Crystal advocates claim there is. You most likely use something called piezoelectricity in your everyday life. Piezoelectricity is when crystals act as a sort of miniature battery. They store, transfer, and produce energy. So, for those who believe that there is literal power in emotion and intent, crystals are a way to harness positive energy, enhance desirable attributes, and protect against negative elements.

Some crystals are seen as especially beneficial for your health and spiritual wellbeing. Here are a few common ones you might encounter in your search for the right yoni egg. Nephrite jade is one of the most popular materials for yoni eggs. This may be because of how revered jade is in Chinese culture, where many believe yoni eggs originated.

Jade can come in a multitude of colors and transparencies, but nephrite jade is usually mostly opaque and a dark, rich green. Nephrite jade is associated with the kidneys and is believed to be able to improve kidney health and prevent kidney stones.

But it is also considered a cleansing crystal, capable of purging the blood of toxins.Credit: steamychick.


There are many ways in which a woman can get rid of menstrual problems. Vaginal steaming is nothing but a universal practice followed by women. The self-care routine is surely the solution for concerns from fibroidsbacterial vaginosis to cramps.

Vaginal steaming is always great because the lady has to simply sit on a pot of herbal steam.

How to choose your first Yoni Egg

Once the volatile oils are released into the vagina, the women can always benefit from the therapy. Yoni steaming is an ancient remedy which women usually follow.

Even though the treatment sounds weird, women always find a great way to nourish their bodies. So, as the practice is rediscovered year after year, there are many vaginal steaming benefits. The prime reason or practicing yoni steaming is that it gives the woman relief from pain and exhaustion associated with menstruation.

Soon after the medicinal herbs are released in hot water, the steam carries the essence to the porous skin of the outer labia. This helps to dislodge material that has already led to discomfort. It may sound strange, but many women have observed an improvement in the menstrual cycle. Due to stress and toxins present in the environment, many women suffer from conditions like endometriosisovarian cysts and uterine fibroids. When the woman is going through a yoni steam, a time span of 20 to 30 minutes is always set aside.

As the person relaxes, she avails the opportunity to focus on her well-being and release emotions that are running in her mind.

महिलाओं की योनि 9 प्रकार की होती है? जानें वजाइना के 9 प्रकार?

The experience is quite unique because the lady can calm down her mind through meditation, introspection or pranayama. Yoni steaming works wonders to remove when toxins have to be removed from the body. Moderate heat leads to the release of toxins from the cells into the lymphatic fluid. Besides, the therapy aids in flushing out toxins and clearing the congestion from the womb. If you are facing challenges associated with the uterus, then these can be traversed through yoni steaming. As the material around the uterine walls is broken down and is released through the menstruation, the uterus gets prepared for the fertilized egg.

While the fetus starts developing inside the organ, the women can always think about a healthy infant. Since yoni steam helps in building up confidence, the lady can always feel happy after the entire therapy. Apart from enhancing circulation and increasing lubrication, the treatment not only increases the libido but also makes sex enjoyable. The steam passing right till the uterus stirs up excitement and arouses a different kind of feeling.

A yoni steam could always be considered to tone the reproductive system after the lady gives birth to a baby. While the uterus is cleared completely, the therapy repairs the vagina, C-section scar and strengthens the surrounding tissues. But, to benefit from the therapy, the lady should wait for a week after her delivery. If you are thinking about which kind of herbs are used for yoni steam, then they are none other than organic edible herbs. For effective nourishment and toning of the organ, a combination of different herbs may be used.

So, as you scroll ahead you can check out some herbal blends. For preparing this blend, the therapist mixes Motherwort, Mugwort, Basil, Rosemary, Chamomile and Calendula thoroughly. While Basil serves to be a uterine stimulant, Calendula alleviates inflammation, Chamomile soothes the vagina, and Rosemary enhances the circulation to the reproductive system. Motherwort is the herb which reduces fatigue and aids to attain a relaxed state of mind.

While Raspberry leaves help in toning the pelvic muscles, Oregano increases the circulation and cleans the uterus at the same time. A cooling effect near the tissues of the genitals could be perceived due to the presence of red rose petals. When it comes to preparing the Menopause blend, then the herbs include Basil, Marshmallow, Sage, Chamomile and Raspberry leaves.There are 5 types of yonis that can be recognized and a myriad of other little differences that actually make each yoni completely unique.

Each type has certain characteristics that are helpful to recognize. I gave these different types of yonis a name of a flower bringing to mind how each yoni opens up to loving touch like a flower opens to the sun.

Today I will discuss the first type, which I call The Violet. I will talk about the other four major types in my next posts. A woman with this type of yoni will usually enjoy a lot of grinding in intercourse, and will require direct clitoral stimulation by hand or vibrator to bring her to orgasm.

She prefers gentle pressure and squeezing. She will find oral sex pleasurable with some sucking of the clitoris and labia, and some side to side flicking motions. She may find a pillow under the small of back is great to change the angle of entry. She usually likes doggy style with a straight back so you or she can stimulate her clitoris manually. If not, become more sensitive to her structure and her mood and enjoy the challenge and the blessings it will bring you! Excerpt from "Tantra Love" Tantra Love requires a willingness to "become the other.

Suddenly I came across to your article and go through it. I become thrilled to know the lot of new information about yoni. Earliar I thought it was only fucking material and only during night it should be use. I never asked to wife weather she get pleasure or not. Thank you. I not to mention my buddies appeared to be following the best things from your web blog and then quickly I got a terrible suspicion I never thanked you for those secrets.

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Your own interesting facts entails this much a person like me and even further to my office workers. With thanks; from everyone of us.

You must log in to post a comment. Log in now. Previous post: Personal Appearance at Sedona Conference. Yoni — The Violet Her clitoris is about4 inches above the vaginal opening, and may be tiny Her hood pops out easily over the clitoris Her inner lips are small The size of her vaginal cave is of average depth Her G-spot location: very deep and back.

types of yoni

Therefore stimulating her g-spot can be critical to orgasm. Her temperature is medium hot The taste of her amrita sexual juices is neutral She is naturally moist-damp A woman with this type of yoni will usually enjoy a lot of grinding in intercourse, and will require direct clitoral stimulation by hand or vibrator to bring her to orgasm.

If your woman has this type of yoni, you can start using this information and enjoy the results! Search Search for:. Popular Topics: anti-aging anxiety arousal attraction basics being present benefits of Tantra Book breathing exercise communication confidence conflict connection couples desire foreplay full-body orgasm healing holiday how to intimacy kissing love lovemaking making love making time men's bodies Ocean Breath orgasm passion pleasure relationship relationships sacred sex save marriage self-esteem sex stop divorce stress Tantra tantric sex vitality women's bodies women's sexuality yoni.

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