Xiaofang 1s hack

About Bubbah Born in Belgium and living in Ireland. The nickname Bubbah is derived from a Japanese cartoon which central character is a bearcub named Bouba aka Bearcub Jacky. I'd love to get one of these but I would need someone to help me to hack it. Is it possible to record and view the output on both IOS and Android, Sorry but I don't understand rtsp though I know it's something to do with this!

Hey, say You seem to know your stuff. I'm sorry to ask so coldly, but there's no real "Contact Us" feature, so I can't really ask directly I don't care so much about the app feature, my main thing is using it as an alarm system, so as long as I can do that from outside the door, or on VPN, or even trough the internet connection, it's fine If you know a Windows phone app that you know for sure can activate the motion sensor of the camera, that would work, too, or even on the PC - I can use remote desktop, no problem.

But for security, I'd really like a camera that just has a web server. I'd like it to sit quietly alone in its corner I'm not fond of Chinese slapped-together apps, even less desktop apps, so if you know a few good devices you could recommend me, I'd appreciate. Also, I don't often think that, but it doesn't usually strike me, either I understand you're just starting out, but I like the aspects you cover, and the tone you use, the stance you take I think you have potential, and maybe you could ask for bigger hardware to review, get yourself more hits Thanks in advance if you get this, and you reply!

Hi Patrick, thanks for your message. Wanscam has got some good models that stand out from the crowd. The best so far in my opinion is the HW Hi bubbah, Please, can you explain me how did you add step by step the xiaofang in the synology survillance station? I have a xiaomi yi ants and today i added, but i dunno how to do it with xiaofang.The two cameras look differently as well.

While the Xiaomi Xiaofang goes for the traditional square edgy look, the Mijia takes a more curvy approach with its soft oval shape and flowing edges. Which design is better? There is no significant differences functionality here — except, maybe, for the fact, the Mijia is quite smaller than the Xiaofang.

The rest is more or less a matter of personal preference. Both cameras comes with convenient stands that will let you place them anywhere in your house. Xiaomi security cams are known for their performance — and both the Xiaomi Xiaofang and the Xiaomi Mijia are no exceptions offering quality imagery, clear footage and smart communication with your smartphone.

And clarity really plays in your favor when combined with an 8X digital zoom. The cam features a degree wide angle FOV view letting you see more of the area and you have the f 2. Night vision. Both cameras come with IR-cut letting you have a clear vision of the premises even after dark.

Motion detection. The Xiaofang and the Mijia sports motion detection capabilities — the cameras will alert you when they detect something or someone moving in your home. The Mijia cam brings you a nice extra as well — thanks to Human AI Detection, the chance of a false alarm is significantly decreased. Two-way intercom. Intelligent communication. Both cameras are meant to give you security information about your home wherever you are.

Moreover, both cameras efficiently communicate with other Xiaomi home devices. Both cameras are great at what they do and can be used in variety of scenarios whether you need a security camera, a baby monitor or even a DVR.

True, there are a few differences in design the Xiaomi Mijia sports a softer and smaller frame and functionality f. With that, each camera would make a great addition to a home and create unobtrusive but very significant security enhancements. Your email address will not be published. Don't have an account? As we already know, there is way more to Xiaomi than just smartphones. Among the plethora of Xiaomi products, IP cameras take their own special place.

Sam "Studied Electronics and computer technology, due to my keen interest in electronics, smartphones and computer-based issues. A sublime writer and always on my PC connected to the Internet. Related Articles. Aug 1, Jun 3, Oct 25, Oct 5, Are you like me and do you buy everything with Xiaomi infront of it? Then you came to the right place! The Xiaomi Xiaofang camera bring a lot of features to the table, at a low price of 14 euro. Like; p 30fps, nightvision up to 9 meterdegree wide angle, Wi-Fi and more.

So why is this camera not all over your Reddit front page? Xiaomi completely locked the camera for anyone outside of China. If your Mi Home app is higher than version 4. So why even bother buying the camera? Click here to buy the camera. This is the point where I will show you how easy it is!

The only thing you need to do is putting the necessarily files onto a SD card, put that SD card in the camera and all the hacking magic wizardoo will do its job! If you are antsy about Xiaomi watching your doorway, be careful before you Disable cloud applications.

The credentials are:. The credentials for this are also:. It is of course more of a DIY solution, than something like Hikvision. For people starting out in the IP camera world or people that like to add an camera to their Home Assistant dashboard, this is a perfect entry camera with some fun tinkering involved. Again shout-out to samptap for making this all possible, and Gearbest for sending me this camera I will probably order a few more for my HA Dashboard.

You can add this camera to your HomeAssistant dashboard. It will not be a live video feed, but an image that will refresh every 10 seconds. You need to add the following code to your Home Assistant configuration. If you do not have ffmpeg installed, you need it for the component to work.

You can see here how to install it. That is why I prefer to do it via SSH. You need to modifty the following file:. Now look for the following line:. Stop the RTSP server and start itnow the settings should be changed! It might be obvious at this point, I even touched on it briefly in the guide.So you will think what new innovation has been done with this IP camera? It is a smart network IP camera which has astonishing features that can impress even the most tech geek.

The pricing of such cameras would be high which one limitation for budget buyers is. But if you get at the right price with all fully loaded features that would be awesome right? Though the camera can be used for all types of surveillance, it is primarily designed for internal surveillance needs where you have the option to monitor the full house when you are not around.

Xiaomi Mijia smart IP camera vs. Xiaomi Xiaofang smart IP camera

The use cases are manifolds which includes monitoring the house when your baby is in the hands of a caretaker, and you are out on vacation. So go get one for you, or you can also Gift it to someone. The xiaofang panoramic smart network IP camera is featured with dual lens camera which is able to capture high-quality pictures. The Xiaomi smart IP camera sports a rectangular body shape.

xiaofang 1s hack

It comes with tripod mount and two camera sensors. And each camera provides a degree lens and aperture f2. The dimension of the device is to 36 into 36mm. The dual sensor shows the clear and visible details which you have never found in other many products.

The device has a stunning black color which is amazing and hideous. This is very useful to keep the camera invisible in pitch black and useful to monitor your house in the night-time. The xiaofang panoramic smart network IP camera has a video resolution of into The best feature of the product is Wi-Fi connection. It supports a network frequency of 2.

The App can support many languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and also in many other languages. To secure the data, it comes with high-level encryption at the time of verification and when transmitting the data. It has 4 split screen mode and four real-time picture which is best in comparison to a professional monitor. This is extremely useful when you want to view different dimensions of your house in real-time. The camera is mostly fitted on the top of the room where it can over a larger viewing angle.

It is easily available at online sites. It may be delivered with zero shipping cost, but it all depends on the vendor you are buying from.

It has good storage with the support up to 64GB with micro SD. This is huge storage capacity, but you need to be slightly cautious to back it up and refresh the SD card to prevent it from getting overwritten. There is no battery support, so it is best to have backup power to this camera to allow it to function in all conditions. The xiaofang panoramic smart network IP camera works in the temperature range of degree Celsius.

Hence it is stable and operational in most conditions. Just take an instance where you have left for the office, and your pet which could be a cat or dog tries to sniff into the food on the dining table.

From your mobile, you can dictate terms to your pet.

xiaofang 1s hack

This surely is not present in most cameras which were launched a few years back. In the xiaofang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera review, we mentioned every detail available and here in the pros and cons of the device try to weigh the pros and cons of xiaofang Panoramic Smart Network IP Camera and take a final call on where it stands. There could be hardly many cameras which are low-cost and more features and benefits like this one.

The great thing is that it easy to install and has dual cameras which effectively covers degrees of vision both horizontally and vertically. The ability to have night vision makes it very useful to handle pitch black situations.La home security it is one of those markets where technology can really help but often equip itself with suitable material entails a very onerous expense.

But maybe you do not know Xiaomi yet, which for some time now offers the quality that has always distinguished its products in this sector products at the right priceand with today a new product joins those already presented previously.

Let's talk about the new IP surveillance cameraXiaofang 1S at the launch price of 99 yuan, about 13 euroand currently available at the official store of the company. Xiaofang 1S offers three interesting news respect the previous generations. The first is that the camera adopts a new video chipset which is faster and more stable; the second novelty concerns the night vision on 18 grayscale levels capable of shooting brighter images in low light conditions.

Finally, the third novelty concerns one better management of the color range of color. Also integrated a double IR-CUT filter and in field of view with maximum distance up to 9 meters without loss of details. The design that looks like a square and relative box is kept unchanged support base. The Xiaofang 1S surveillance camera does not lack the smart security functions like the one related to the smoke recognition or to automatic registration in case of suspicious activityproviding an alert on our smartphone connected via the Mi Home application.

Finally, the possibility of interacting with voice commands, perhaps to make our little boy fall asleep while we are in another room. Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me.

Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.

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We will use your email address to create an account on our site. The old Chinese versions did not work in Italy with the official app, and without those they are pretty useless.

ALL Xiaomi Smart Cameras compared!

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xiaofang 1s hack

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Will it work in Italy? I like it 0 I do not like Reply. More from XiaomiToday. Topics preference: All Offers.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project?

Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I have applied the method to install the cfw and all was fine. One thing i noticed sd card needs to have a dos partition table. I have managed to run the latest stack of hacks. What is the firmware version you have? I have 5. Serial log should show it.

I confirm there is an issue with the CFW for xiaofang latest firmwares. Updated to 5. When this happens camera responds to ping but i cant use camera settings from the original app, it says not connected, but the general settings option gives the correct wifi information from the camera.

I reverted to stock firmware using an old image and after updating to 5. Something seems to be messing up stock app usage just by installing the only available xiaofang CFW to a 5. Should the CFW need to be updated for xiaofang firmwares after Q1 ?

I've noticed that as well. Would love to know how to restore the original firmware, i can't pair my Camera if i remove the SD Card. Hi chaveiromy issue looks very similar to the one you described above. I wasn't aware that it is not compatible with the CFW. Since then the camera randomly disconnected as you experienced. The only way to get it back is to power cycle the camera. It's getting a bit much to reboot the camera many times in a day.

I was thinking to restore the camera using the older firmware version, but I haven't found a way to do it yet. You said in your post that you reverted to stock firmware using an old image.But more so, it lacks one key feature: no RTSP. Many have asked what would be the best approach to access the video stream via the internet.

As luck would have it, I put together a guide for just that! As of May, users are reporting difficulties in trying to hack this camera.

However, according to the developer the hack will work fine regardless of the firmware version.

Guide: Unlocking the Real Potential Within a 14 euro Xiaomi IP Camera

Check this post over at github. But be aware that there are also reports that either a new model of the camera or new firmware is preventing the fang-hacks from working apparently models with the QR code at the bottom and the MAC address starting with Moreover for those having issues, I suggest using v4.

Please go to the discord chat to get more info. This camera can be procured at your favorite Asian online vendor, notable sites are Banggood, TinyDeal, Fasttech and the list goes on… The camera features a 2.

The Real Time Streaming Protocol RTSP is a network control protocol that can be used with a myriad of different programs and was designed such that client-side applications can begin displaying the audio and video content before the complete file has arrived. Follow these instructions to get up and running but please do so on a full stomach to avoid errors…apply with caution and needless to say, I will not be held responsible for bricked cameras.

As of this writing, my camera came with version 2. Besides upgrading the firmware, the app enables us to supply our WiFi password such that we can pair the camera to our network — a much needed step, if I do say so myself. I went to apkpure and downloaded the app manually, then installed it via ADB. Create a Xiaomi account and sign in and click next. Wait a little while to finish the setup. After upgrading the firmware, go to the GitHub page of fang-hacks. Various options exist to accomplish this feat.

For Windows we can use a tool called Win32DiskImager. To list the disks currently connected:. Power on the camera and wait until the status LED is solid blue — this indicates that the camera is connected to your WiFi network. You can also turn off IR used for night vision so that you can point this out a windows without the IR glare. The ir-control service controls this. Furthermore, the hack enables certain services that will aid in administrating the camera in the future.

The following ports should now be open:. If all is successful, you are now presented with the fruit of your labor: TADA!!!

The RTSP stream! Behold its greatness!!! Congrats on a job well done! TinyCam is a great Android app that I use to manage my cameras from mobile devices.